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San Francisco, California

I have called three times to cancel my order. The first time, the wouldn't let me.

They wanted me to up the number of pills and see if that would change my results. They also put my account on hold for several months. I call back a month of so later and told them I was recording the coversation because I didn't like the way I was handled on my last call. They disconnected the call.

I called back a third time and told them that I wanted to cancel my order, they dropped the price, put the accound on hold for another couple of months, but would NOT cancel my order. What do you have to do to get out of this order?

Monetary Loss: $340.

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Always pay by credit card...then put a dispute on the charges and that would be the end of it or like someone else said here, claim your card lost of stolen and you will get a new card number. What i don't understand is why doesn't the government get involved with these obvious scams. Beware of complimentary reviews, most likely employees of the product.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States #706900

If you are paying using a credit card it's simple report the card stolen and you get a new credit card number and they get bupkiss unless you notify them of the new card number.That's what I had to do to cancel AOL.