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We’re sorry to learn that losing your position with us has been so difficult for you. The policies you complain of are generally in place to protect the customer. Sometimes this same cause requires us to part company with an employee who is unable to follow policy.
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

I am one of the people that you probably called at one point. I too am now a former employee.

I will say that the product itself is not horrible, but it is a total rip off.Tthe amounts DHA/EPA is VERY low compared to fish oil suppliments that are MUCH cheaper. Many of us asked about this, as some inteligent customers asked this question of us. I could not believe the answer... "Just tell them that it is proprietary information and you can not give that out"! Says on the bottle 100mg. Company says to ignore is the perna cannuliculus that makes all the difference......BS. All employees are given the product monthly, (we were give the products that were returned!) but they were still sealed bottles, kinda *** though. Most employees didn't even take the product. They give it away. That is how much Great Healthworks employees think of the product they are selling every day That alone speaks volumes.

It is true that we only made money if we twist and turn whatever we have to to get customers not to cancel. Defer your order for up to 6 months! That way 6 months later you are not going to remember and you get shipped again. EVERY call is recorded, so that will be thrown in your face if you say you did not agree....yes you did.

Prices went up a few months ago for all customers by minimum of $5 per bottle. Little postcards mailed to let customers know. Most didn't get the postcards till after the fact, and we were not told it was happening till after the fact. So, customer's bought one day at $49.95 per bottle and we tell them the next orders will be only $39.95 going forward when they are on auto ship, they are locked in to that lower price. BUT, next day the price went up. We are now liars, the customer is pissed and calls to cancel and it's the rep that takes the hit.

The employees that work the phones are also not treated very well either, if that makes customersthat feel ripped off any better. Monday and Tuesdays only 1/2 hour lunch, with 1/2 hour mandatory OT. There are NO 15 minute breaks to be had on that floor, and you had better not have a small bladder that makes you need to use the restroom more than maybe 2-3 times a day.

They will even scam their own co-workers. If you call in and order from me and then callb ack even if it is just with a question, the next rep you speak with will bump up your auto refill schedule just by a few days so you get it sooner. This counts as them "upgrading" you, and they now get hte comission for the sale. Back stabbing is a company culture there.

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No, no, try nopalea for 40 bucks a bottle. At least it doesn't eat through plastic cups and they show people drinking it while smiling. It has to be legit.


Wow. 2/3 of these comments are totally bogus.

Isn't it illegal to write fake reviews online for a company your associated with? These are some of the shadiest business practices i've ever seen.

Clearly, this is a company that should be shut down. Period.


I tried a lot of medication for my pain which was in every joint in my body. Now after using Omega XL my pain is bearable, sometimes I don't feel anything.

I hope after a few more bottles the pain will be completely gone. Patience and Faith, that's all you need.

I also eat a lot of steamed mussels. God Bless!


my husband use this product and i musy say that it worked well for him. He was getting a lot of cramps because of a spine problem.

He is also hypertensive.

It really worked for him because he hardly gets cramps and it helped a great deal with his hypertension. took it for spine.

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #403267

if you hurt first and fore most im sure it is do to inflamation..but you can find help..its simple.. It's what your eating!!!!


Weil has put out a book on the wellness diet or in fact its an anti inflamatory diet.

check it out on google and on his web site or amazon... its all on the foods you eat..I know popping a pill sounds easier..

but making changes will cure the problem naturally. God bless


This is a great product. If you have joint pain and you haven't tried it, I suggest you do.

The worst that can happen is that you will try it for one month, and if it does not work for you, you discontinue the use.

I have been having chronic pain in my hips and knees for over two years.

Within 3 weeks of taking 4 capsules a day my pain was completely gone. I highly recommend Omega XL.


Thanks so much for the information. Thought it was to good to be true. In these times every money saved is so helpfull.I have both knees replaced and bursitis.


I gots a bottle of this stuff and it give me a hard-in for 2 hours.

five stars :grin :grin


I saw the show for 1min.. and the Dr and his Wife..really looked scared?

Like they didn't want to answer the question@??!! So then I went rite. On Google and looked it up,bc I have Neck pain! So just in that 1 min of watching I knew they where not rite!!!!

And all the comments on the internet r not good?? So I'm tired of these jerks just trying to make a Buck! It's sick..bc there r ppl out there Like Me,who would love to find something that works, besides Pain MEDS,and Muscle relaxers!!! Thx for all the info!





:( Thanks i was about to buy the product, A friend told me about today, and she is a elderly woman, She said it works for her.How true it is a dont know,But Thanks!!!

I'm looking for something for pain,

Ms Ross


I can buy cod liver oil from Norway for $5 (or is it $6) a pint at Market Basket in MA or NH. Tastes fishy but it probably is better than any of these extracts.

I've been staying up too late lately, and I see this and other sleazy infomercials, and I think we should threaten to challenge some of the broadcasters' licenses. I so need to set up a DVR!


I don't know anything about the product, but "Dr. Downey" is actually an MD.

He is a pain management physician in my town. He has excellent credentials.


thanks for the info ,will look elsewhere now


Thank you for the employee comments...this sounds like a ML company my friend took calls for...yep, for supplements. I will not suggest this to the hubby. I'd rather spend my $$ somewhere else!


All you have to do is take a close look at the people in the infomercials. They are typical scammers.

And I notice there is no MD after "Dr.

Downey" on the screen. Thank goodness for the Internet.


if it is so good ,everybody in the world would take it,it is just a another monet making scam ken


I'm always looking for the next best thing and it looks likes this may have something to it but if it comes with a get rich quick scheme behind it then I'm out. If the product was developed to help people then the company would be too proud to let poor business practices get in their way. It's so sad when greed can run a good thing in the ground.


I can't believe how these people can take advantage of the public, especially the elderly who would do almost anything to get rid of there pain from arthritis, osteoporosis, etc. How could you prey on people who don't have much income but would take there last dime for a cure.

My mom is 90 and almost fell prey to this. You people suck.


Thank you for sharing. Based on how this company is operating, I doubt the product is on the up and up.


I had intended to give it a try, as I've tried numerous products....BUT, between the shady characteristics of the training the cust.svc.reps get, and the complaints of trouble returning.....NO THANKS! Sorry!