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It is unfortunate that you have chosen to deny yourself the inflammation relieving benefits of our product on the strength of anonymous internet postings and your own “theoretical” musings.
San Francisco, California
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Is "Larry KIng" that much of a sell out?, total joke!

I used to live in NZ and I talked to all my mate's "Down Under", they all told me the same thing!, dont buy it!, these overseas companies get extremely rich over lack of knowledge of the American consumer!, alway's do research 1st and never go for that auto ship nonsense!, what a joke!, shame on you!, you guy's are bad actor's out for a quick payday!, they want 100 word's ok!, so here's more if you believe this will have a profound difference regaurding your health!, you are sorely mistaken!

  • Jimbo
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Clarks Corners, Ontario, Canada #706125

glad i read the reviews was going to buy the product