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Studio City, California

This is a big waste of money. Ken Mears has been selling snake oil his entire life.

I took this junk for three months just to be fair and give it time to kick in.

Nothing changed. Before you buy this junk you should check *** ***** background. You should also look into the history of the Doctors that back this junk and how much the Doctors make on this junk. Please people do not put more money in the hands of these scammers.

Meats is famous for his get rich quick games. I am sure he is looking for his next scam when this one is shut down.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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Saint Augustine, Saint George, Bermuda #951262

I know someone who walked at snails pace on mornings and later on, she started using a cane as things got progressively worse and literally struggled to move. (I used to see her walk to work in front of my house almost every morning).

I used to say to myself... "poor Mary, she wont be able to walk just now".... what a sad thing to see. Lo and behold, it's been some months now and I did see her again.....

walking without cane and briskly too !!!..... I asked her what had happened and I was expecting to hear her say.. "a miracle from God"... or something like that!...

instead she said.. OMEGA XL did the trick for her.... she took 18 capsules per day for WEEKS and now she is down to six per day.....

seems like it worked for her.... i personally never used it.....


Another Preacher for Profit ... when are people going to wise up and start reading the word of God and standing against False Teachers like Dorothy Spaulding and her corrupt "36 Club" ...

The only thing you need is Jesus Christ ... She should be giving bibles away not selling pills ... Did your hear what Mears says? "This is the safest pill you can take" what a JOKE!!

what he is really saying is buy this junk and I'll get richer....These corrupt, greedy, deceitful players will one day be ceased ! God doesn't need a pill He is mighty and sovereign and is the only one who can save you....listen closely to the careful words of manipulation they use...These FAKE TV EVANGELIST should be outlawed!!!


With fish oils, you do get the Omega-3 s that you need but you also run the chance of gtinteg any of the bad things the fish have in their flesh, such as mercury, pesticides, etc.I would recommend Flax Seed Oil, you not only get your Omega-3 s, but also your Omega-6 s and Omega-9 s in the correct ratio.I use on from Barlean's which is all organic and after doing research has the best source of what you are looking for and in the correct ratios.


Omega-3 fatty acids are excellent for heatlh and lubricate the skin from the inside out. Many heatlh experts are advising against using oils that are high in omega 6s because they believe that the imbalance of omega 3s to omega 6s increases the risks of getting chronic illnesses like cancer, heart disease and several others.

They recommend that the best way to stay balanced with omega-3s and omega 6s is to get omega-6s from whole foods like nuts and seeds and to get omega-3 from fish (in moderation) and fish oil. Other foods like walnuts and flax seeds also contain omega 3s but are not quite the same as the omega-3s in fish and fish oil. Health advocates are recommending avoiding the use of omega 6 oils such as sunflower oil, soybean oil, and several others.

I've learned that the 3 major steps to get clear skin from the inside are: Detoxification (especially the liver and colon), Super Food Nutrition (raw super foods and raw fats like avocados, coconut oil, fish oil, olive oil), and Hydration (water, juicing, raw fruits, and drinking aloe vera gel/juice). Hydration and raw oils will clear your skin and moisturize it from the inside out.


thank you for these reviews especially 10 written by John he has a good point. I am always enthralled by these vitamin offers and some are very good but one must really research for the bst. thank you for saving me money and staying with the omegas i am currently using we all have to find another source because the sea cannot sustain human demand for fish oils and benefits use birth control and get sterilized 7 billion on the planet :roll


I am mentally ill, omega helps me


I have been taking these pills for 6 months and I still have to take an advil or tylenol or I'm in tears with pain. I called and they told me to keep taking them, that was 3 moths ago.

I am going to cancel this and try to inform everyone not to spend their hard earned money. :cry


Well, it sounds you need further help. You didn't state what kind of pain you have, but perhaps you should see a good chiropractor to start with.

They can really help.

Omegas reduce inflammation, but if you continue to have pain it sounds there are issues that aren't yet resolved.


The Omega XL really works just as it states, all the ingredents are very essential for the human body,to take every day! Those tiny pills are a miracle and a God sent remedy to the world. Some people are too irrogant to reconize it.


Well, I just wanted to write a couple of things. First, let me say that I have never taken this product, but have some observations to make based on my knowledge of omega 3's, pain and advertising.

Any omega 3 fatty acids will have anti-inflammatory properties. You can take fish oil, eat olives, have dark chocolate, or eat nuts, and the inflammation factors go down. This is probably a legitimate effect of this product, and it is also likely that the effect varies with the type of inflammation, the amount and type of omega 3's an individual incorporates into his or her routine, and the individual's general state of health.

But, the infomercial appears to be a really hard sell, and I have to question the "protein removal" process that makes this product safe for those with shellfish allergies. I am betting this is partially or primarily regular or concentrated fish oil, though I can really only speculate because it would be unethical to test it on my human friends that do have this allergy.

On the site, they refer to it as a fish oil complex; they are probably legally required to do so if it is fish oil. After all, Krill oil is made from krill, and does not have to be labeled as fish oil.

I believe that this is probably just as good as most of the other vitamin products available in this country. The price is one problem, being pretty exorbitant. Another problem is the claims some people are making. This would be an anti inflammatory, and not an analgesic. It is going to possibly reduce swelling and aches that result from that, but it is not going to cure every and all kinds of pains.

Fish oil or krill oil is probably just as effective as this would be, though I can't say for sure. If the price ever drops to a reasonable amount, I might actually give it a try.

to AJ Saint John's, Saint John, Antigua And Barbuda #585251

this is the attitude to take about this product. You are not for it nor are you against it Way to go


I have been reading through the complains in this site as I try to get some information on Omega XL. I thought this site was for "pissed consumers" but I actually find that few of people complaining have actually tried the product.

This is not very objective or helpful...

How can you say a product is a scam, and doesn't work if you haven't tried it?


Omega XL works for me I'm 73 and perhaps some people with little or no results did not take enough of the little cap's. Two per day works for me.


For all of those that have all this negative eroneous information you need to do

your research. This product is wonderful and it works not for all but it does.

As for Ken he is a wonderful and honest man that goes above and for his workers and his customers. Say what you want but we know the truth.

I love my job and the product. GREAT HEALTH WORKS is helping millions on an everyday...Believe what you want it is your opinion compared to thousands that have been with the company for several years and are happy.......


Do not be fooled by this product's marketing. The active ingredients in fish oil that are shown to reduce inflammation are EPA and DHA.

The other 28 "fatty acids" they talk about you do NOT need, and do NOT help you in any way. Many fish oils out there are based on research and contain 1400mg of EPA and DHA per serving. Whereas OmegaXL contains somewhere in the neighborhood of 30mg. Don't be ***.

Don't buy this... you're wasting your money.

If a product has dozens of testimonials, vague scientific claims and doesn't disclose their ingredients - it is a marketing tactic aimed at dumb consumers. Sadly, it works.

to John Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States #568818

Thank you! I was going to buy this product, but could not find any info on the ingredients. I'll just go to a reputable health store for my fish oil.


Yes, he is as slimy as they come.