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Columbia, Missouri
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I tried the product, was not pleased, canceled the autoshipment. Only to get another shipment 2 months later-overdrafting my account.NOT HAPPY!

calling to send it back, they told me they would not give me my money back.NOT HAPPY! The lady on the phone wanted to argue with me instead.NOT GOOD PUBLIC RELATIONS!Now I'm stuck with a product I'm not pleased with when they guaranteed a money back guarantee.NOT HAPPY!!!!All I wanted to do was cancel my autoshipment and send back what I DID NOT order.I will not recommend a company that won't stand behind their advertisements.Especially at the cost they charge.

Monetary Loss: $370.

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Please, everyone go one step farther and report this company to the Better Business Bureau in your State, stating your complaint. You can do this online. They should be stopped from their underhanded ways.