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As stated in our advertising, Omega XL is manufactured from the oil of the green lipped mussel, Perna canaliculus, aqua cultured in the pristine waters of New Zealand. We do not state that we use fish oil. As the reviewer has chosen to remain anonymous we are unable to ascertain the basis for his dissatisfaction. If he would like to address his concerns, he is welcome to call our Customer Advocacy Group at 1-800-607-0419 or via email at
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

I called to try and find out what else is in the Omega XL. On the ccompany's little add posted above the complaints, they actually say this is FISH OIL.

Meanwhile they advertise that it is NOT fish oil but some "green lipped muscle" oil from New Zealand!

They are BUSTED! plain ole fish oil that you can get wAy cheaper and with non of this auto ship *** they try to force you into or else you pay more money.

I plan on telling eveyone i know not to buy this product and the few who do to save their money.

Monetary Loss: $49.

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Jacksonville, Florida, United States #768345

The product DOES in fact works. If the price would be affordable for most people in need I believe more people would try it.

It's less than most medications but I believe it could be even less. Just remember, all things are not for all people!

Dublin, Ohio, United States #582152

I am fairly certain the product is okay, my sister, her husband and one of my brothers uses it and they find it very helpful with inflammation, etc. My brother was not able to get up and down out of a semi like he use to, no can with the help of this product.


I noticed after reading these comments that the only people that complained or had something negative to say about this product were people who did not try it. I came on here because I wanted to read the comments before I tried this product.

I'm on disability and I only get 450 dollars a month. 1 of the comments talkd about Christians pushing products...nothin wrong w christians tryn 2 help peep. Anothr guy said IF the product works, hes not goin 2 giv testimonial bout it in churh...why not? If it helps u, y wudnt u spread the word (that u were blessed enuf 2 even find this product in the1st place btw) to help others?

Made Absolutely no sense at all. Why look at it like you're pushing something at church... Who cares. The point is, the Lord blessed you and it helped.

WAY Too much negativity. I needed a lil advice from people who actually tried this product. To the people who did try this product, and left their comments thank you!! :) I dont wanna sound loud or abrupt, I really say these things respectfully, to some of the people that wrote these comments.

It's just so hard... I guess I'm just so frustrated with my health and my headaches. I suffer with severe chronic headaches for 23 years and I only turned 30 in April. Unfortunately my insurance only covers in state, and what I really need is to be able to go outside of Nevada and see some really good doctors in California or somewhere wher they will be e able to help me.

I cant work bc of these debilitating headaches, and I no longer hav the money to go out of state. My grandmother tried to help me by purchasing private insurance, and that was a lot of fun! Pre existing condition they say... insurance companies always finding loopholes after you have already bought the insurance after they already said they were going to pay for your bills, to make u pay the bill.

Then the rest of the other insurance companies like I said just wouldn't take me because of my pre existing problem. Thankfully I at least have Medicaid...but unfortunately that only covers in my own state, and like I said, I've seen every doctor you can think of Nevada including holistic medicine and homeopathic medicine. I was really hoping that maybe a doctor would take me pro bono, but I just don't know if that's going to happen or who's willing to do that. I have to have faith that the Lord will come through for me and find the resources.

just the fact that I can even say that, that I even have hope again is a miracle within itself, bc for a long time I gave up hope, and I was actually going to just give up on my life, sad as that sounds, because I jus couldn't handle the pain. But yhe Lord gave me hope again. I wrote to the Mayo Clinic to take me on like sort of a charity case, but that didn't happen. there is a headache clinic in Chicago that supposed to be really good that I would love to go to but can't afford.

Nobody nor anything has been able to help me...

I'm trusting in the Lord that somehow someway I will be delivered from these headaches...and I know the Lord has thee answer on the way. If there is anybody out there that has any information or anyone that could help me I would really appreciate it thank you and God bless :)

to TJ Boston, Massachusetts, United States #582428

Drink lots of water as that helps headaches when your body is properly hydrated. Drink half your body weight in water.

There is a great book on Amazon which shows you very simple moves to "live your life pain free -- Intergrative Positional Therapy". He has helped people in pain (even tension headaches), pain that they 'be battled with for decades, which no one else could help them with.

The author is Lee Albert.

He helped me in two minutes, with sciatica pain that I had for over a year, and several physiotherapists, chiropractors, massage therapists and even an acupuncturist could not help me with.

to Lulu Boston, Massachusetts, United States #582430

*Drink half your body weight in ounces *

to TJ Edison, New Jersey, United States #617306

Continue to trust in Jesus. Dont give up your faith.

He is a healer of all things. Stay in the word of God always.


I can not understand all the negatives about omega xl. I have been using it, and have suffered with pain since i was 16 from a car accident.

I take it and i have had really wonderful results with it..

Like one writer said if you have not tried it how can you bash it... ME IM IN ON IT

to elizabeth roberts Zihuatanejo, Guerrero, Mexico #659892

Well no *** your in on it. Someone has to plug this *** product so people hopefully wont read more than a few of the comments and decide to buy it.

There is no such thing as a company or corporation who wants to help people. There mission is simple. Making money. There are organizations that help people.

They are called charities.

They don't charge people for the things that are beneficial to their well being. If this product is so beneficial for people explain to me why the only time its on tv is 5am when everyone but elderly people are asleep?

to Andy Dufresne Lansing, Michigan, United States #706436

I agree the only reason to be in business is to make money. Sure there are things that will help people or make life easier.

but, at the end of the day, if you're going to be in business you better make money or you're not in business. If I'll make it XO interested in helping people, then they should reduce the price so the people who cannot afford this product can benefit from it.

to Andy Dufresne Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #828761

It is on TV now here in Delaware. The time is 0958 hours.


'm asssuming those who think christians don't push products on paid TV think christains only advertise on free commercials, and where might they be...i live in the united states, a larely christain nation, AND the majority watch TV, which is paid for by commercials, and a good number of those advertising on commercials in the United States are christain...who pay big to advertise on TV whether is free TV or cable. TV stations often run their own notice after long info commercials or political ads so the viewer knows the TV stations charged them a fee, and didn't endorse the product or person running for office.i'd say you've never been in business for yourself, but many christians work for themselves, and have to advertise.

no TV station advertises your company or product for free...commercials are their income. and christains just like anyone else have to make a living, have the right to advertise their churches,which by the way is big business in this country, and their ministers have a right to market their business/products just like anyone else. the eleven hundred club/pat robinson has been advertising products on his show for years. He's a christain, whose a very brilliant business man.

Not one thing wrong with that.I've used fish oil for years..and a good theraputic grade gives you energy, and is an antinflammatory. I've never used OmegaXL, but i DO USE ESSENTIAL OILS, AND THERE is a world of difference in their grades/quality. The better their grade, the better they work, and the finer grade will absolutely heal when others waste your money. On the other hand, I will research OmegaXL before trying it, and just because someone was involved in a scam before, doesnt mean OmegaXL is junk.

scammers get invoved with all sorts of things, and the OmegaXL may be something I'd like to try once i know enough to judge the product on its own merits. For ther person who had their credit card charged for just calling for information, contact your credit card company about the charge,and your Attorney General's office, who can tell you who else to contact...I'd be furious, but again, that doesn't convince me the product is bad...I saw someone mentioned melleluca products.

They are fantastic, and they have two grades of mellaleuca oil, the finer grade is very expensive, but it is amazing stuff.they have the best spot remover on the market.

everyone have a great new year...




Appreciate the feedback.. Saw the commercial and it looked like a psychic trying to push a miracle cure for pain @ $50 a bottle with very limited supply.....Tried Instaflex free sample and it also claims similar results

So so anyway I'll stick with fish oil & generic aleve Naproxen Sodium works well


I just wonder if everyone that has been complaining about Omega XL has actually tried it. I have been having joint problems (hip and knees) for over 2 years.

I tried everything from Omega 3 to Acupuncture with no results. Three weeks after taking 4 capsules of Omega XL a day, I have NO MORE PAIN. I am not saying I am cured. All I can say is that, the pain is gone, which probably means that the inflammation is gone.

Isn't that what Omega XL claims? If you haven't tried it, give it a shot. Try it for 1 month and see what happens. What is the worst that can happen?

You wasted 50 bucks. But if you get the results I got, I am sure you will be very VERY happy.


The product works for me. Sorry it's not working for some, I really am. Some times it might take up to 8 per day.

to pennbama Phoenix, Arizona, United States #616622

I love your profile picture!! very CUTE!! :grin


Was going to buy this for my children and myself and husband. After reading these reviews, no way!

I'm going to GNC! Shame on them :(

to joyce Dublin, Ohio, United States #582156

Try it first, some of these comments are ***, you be the judge, not someone else!


I was disappointed, though not surprised, to hear tonight on Radio FM 98.1 during a "supposed Christian" preaching, that the Pastor, well known church in Chase Village, Chaguanas, was advertising not his prayer which he normally promotes as helping illnesses, but this Omega XL product. I wonder if he is the one who is the import agent. I have never bought the product, so I cannot "testify" of its value, but I am certain if I happen to purchase it, and it does good, I am not going to testify in the church its worth, I will testify however how God's presence in my life has been my cure.


I sent my unopen package back for a full refund, that never happened.