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Corvallis, Oregon

I called to order 2 bottles and made it extremely clear that I did not want to be put on an auto refill plan, i wanted to try it first. We talked about it for a long time because they pressure you to be on auto refill, and i was clear that i did not want that. guess what, a bottle came today for a full price plus hefty shipping and they are balking at a refund, and say they won't refund shipping under any circumstances.

The product didn't really work for me and so why would i want to continue to order it?

Monetary Loss: $51.

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Phoenix, Arizona, United States #706490

it sounds like this is a scam

Honolulu, Hawaii, United States #694349

I have a solution for those who wants to cancel and Omega xl does not want to cancel. Just call your credit card to issue you a new card and cancel your old card. Then omega xl will send you another bottle but your new credit card number will not pay the scamers.

Austin, Texas, United States #668904

I really cannot agree with you "Pissed Off Customer" I really Believe that you must have not suffered any pain at all before taking it. And that you must be young and just want to complain and disclaim the truth.

Because it is nothing to you to be FREE from Pain so bad that you just can't stand another hour or day with itany longer. Such as I had. I only started on 4 in the morning & 2 in the evening for about(4) days to start. And 2 a day there after.

Several weeks go by before I can feel the agony of pain on the Brink of returning.. and I take 2 or 3 once a day and I am like NEW!! This is a Perfect Miracle Food.. and I am very Thankful for it.

You are Pissed because you just want attention. I AM THANKFUL!!


No im not them one whole just want try so attention, I have not tryed them product yet , I sounds Like Gold one to try , supost to good for your Heart . And energy ya I wantage try this product, 8)