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Many thanks for your kind words on behalf of Omega XL. We are always excited to hear from those who have enjoyed the benefits of our product, and understand that we fully disclose our sales practices in literature, on line, and during our recap on the telephone. As you have chosen to remain anonymous, we are unable to contact you, but we want to invite you to give your personal testimonial about the benefits of Omega XL. We recommend calling the service professionals in our Customer Advocacy Group at 1-800-607-0419 or
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I am more *** that people are screaming SCAM but didnt accept responsibility for not reading the disclaimer. Nor did they take the product long enough to determine proof either way. Which could stop alot of people from trying the product and discovering it could/would/did help their health issue...

All the same complaint except one which states Omega xl killed his wife but did not expound on how for our information and education and no one asked him! what if someone has the same health issue as she had and it also takes their life? If stating this product kills, also state could diagnose and save someone's life...and if it is relative, or possible for Omega xl ingredients to cause death we should all know what to look for in symptoms.

I have been taking this product for over a yr now and i can say i was not able to even walk up and down the stairs as my knees felt like a knife was inserted in ea knee. In less than a week i could walk up and down the stairs and the pain was gone.

almost all businesses which offer a free product (online promotions) then put you on auto pay and there is always a disclaimer on the checkout page. This does not mean that the product does not work.

everyone seems to be so worked up over the cost and not being able to get customer service in a timely fashion. Should have gone thru paypal so you could stop payment and also email Omega xl to stop shipping as no more payments will be debited from your paypal account.

i guess one has to be desperate enough to pay the popper... when the pain is serious enough to cause alarm, like knee replacement surgery, a $60. bottle of HOPE doesnt seem so bad!

although it is annoying to find you are on auto pay, you must assume some fault and stop trashing a company whose disclaimer YOU did not read.

In the future when ordering anything online, read the entire page. If the companies customer service is this bad write the station which aired the program and Larry King, tell them about the extremely poor customer service. I do not see that they were trying to take advantage of any customer. Making money is an American Dream and the product must have helped more than just me!

before trashing a product that might help someone, go to and find out if they consider Omega xl a scam first.

Customer service should be extremely high on this companies integral goal list and they should be ashamed if it is not. I do not believe Larry King is aware of this or he would not have associated himself with this product. It is unfair to now call him dishonest and money hungry when you cannot possibly know if he is aware of these issues.

To trash a companies product that just might help someone heal because you are ticked off about the cost and auto pay (and really it was not Omegas fault you did not read the whole page...EVERYONE should know better than to order from a company for the first time without reading the entire page!) Your foot stomping has probably stopped many people from purchasing Omega xl who may have been helped as i have been and that responsibility is on those who didnt give the product a time true test.

FYI: If you want serious help with with Osteo Arthritis buy yourself

Cosamin DS, It IS gold in a bottle, costly, but worth it (a good pharmacist will acknowledge its benefits)...15 yrs ago i could not close my hands and my thumb joints distorted, my legs ached from arthritis and i had severe carpel tunnel husband, beings he is a pharmacist, brought home Cosamin DS and told me to try it. Within 2 wks the swelling was gone and the severe carpel tunnel was also healed! Just because a product states it is Condroatin and Glucosamin does not mean it is the correct balance of both and they also must both be present to make the other work significantly enough to heal serious joint issues.

As far a newer product, like Omega xl, one cannot know whether new or not if it will heal everyone in the same way...some will get great results and some will not. At least if you did not receive a benefit one is then aware that your problems may not be in the category which Omega covers.

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You must work for the company...just sayin'


Sounds like you work for them.

Who are you to talk?


to Anonymous #990199

NO! Sometimes it just takes some common sense to speak up.

It helps me and my husband takes it as well and he is a pharmacist who generally will not take natural anything.

why on earth do people think so negative...if you have something good to say you must be a liar?

i live in Montana , i am 65 yrs old, my husband 67, i am retired and husband will be in Sept.

and neither of us would do such a thing even if we worked for the company.

re read what i said...every word is the truth including how it has helped my knees...

like i said...just sayin and i wont respond to any more negative...accept it or not, use it or not...your choice.