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Where do I begin? I live in the Bahamas, but I have a US address that forwards my mail.

I ordered my product around October 18th, still haven't received it 1 month later. Checked my credit card and of course there is a charge for a second shipment but still waiting on the first. When I called to cancel my order, The lady explained that the first shipment never arrived because they had the wrong address but it was corrected so they shipped it again and it should've been there on the the 29th of October but it wasn't. I went through the whole cancellation process on a LONG DISTANCE CALL because I am from the Bahamas, the lady asked if I wanted her to cancel all of the orders, and I said yes please so she said she would do it.

At the end of the phone call she says hold on and then I was transferred to another guy only to start the process again. When I told him I couldn't go through it again because I am on a LD call, he continued to go on and on telling me it was at a Post Office in Fort Lauderdale because it could fit in my box. Firstly I ship stuff wayyyy bigger than supplements and never had a problem. Secondly, I don't see why you are arguing with me because it is my right to cancel if I want.

And lastly, do not tell me I am on not a LD phone call when I clearly know that I am, I am not *** and just because you don't get it doesn't make me wrong.

ANDDD after allll of that you want to put me on HOLD AGAIN....WTF? All of this makes me regret ordering this product.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $130.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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was going to try... however after reading all this have decided this could be a scam...

I would prefer to buy in a store .. one bottle at a time..

then I don't have to deal with post office or delivery of any sort. I would also have to freedom to buy what I want and how many I want at what time I want .!