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Virginia Beach, Virginia

Omega XL has shaped up to be a colossal rip off! We (my Grandmother and I) purchased Omega XL last year (during a buy one get one free offer). Following that purchase we chose to continue to give Omega XL a try only to be EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED by the customer service we received.

The lack of consideration for the requests of their customers is absolutely disgraceful. After our second purchase of Omega XL pills; they charged my card and did NOT send the pills until we called and inquired about the transaction that was made to my account. At that time, we agreed to accept an order of pills shipped immediately as oppose to refunding the charge.

However, then the company saved my Banking information and CHARGED my card 2 TIMES without my authorization. When we called to inform them that we did not authorize any additional transactions, they argued with us, attempted to try to convince us that we authorized the transaction and refused to refund our money until we threatened to make their ATROCIOUS customer service and thievery known to the public and the local news! DON’T THEY UNDERSTAND THAT THEY ARE AFFECTNG PEOPLE LIVELYHOOD?

And even after they said they would put the money back on my card, they STILL did NOT do so. They simply over nighted the pills that they charged us for and we didn’t ask for.

NOW, TODAY they charged my account AGAIN FOR THE FOURTH TIME without my permission or authorization. This after we explicitly expressed previously NOT to charge my account again!

They keep having amnesia like they don’t know what they are doing!

Tremendously Disappointed.

Monetary Loss: $248.

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Kendall, Florida, United States #686374

For future reference, you can call :zzz your credit card/debit card company/bank and tell them not to accept any more charges from this company...or any company that you don't authorize to do so. Best wishes.

Portland, Maine, United States #678253

always call the credit card company or the bank. Let them deal with that