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Omega XL has hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers who continue to purchase our product monthly. There are thousands of testimonials to both our product quality and our customer service. As you have chosen to remain anonymous we are unable to review your account to be sure your automatic shipments have been cancelled and your refund issued. If you need to speak with us again we recommend calling our Customer Advocacy Group at 1-800-607-0419 or via email at
Toledo, Ohio

I Just ordered Omega xl online after seeing an infomercial. After 10 minutes I realized I never check reviews on the product.

I found 100's of complaints with product, returns and repeat billing. So I decided to call and cancel. I called the main number and waiting on hold for 10 minutes. They said I would have to call another number and couldn't transfer me so I called that one.

I gave all of my information to a gentleman(I use that term loosely) he interrupted me and said I have to get you to a different department. I was put on hold for an additional 14 minutes to have the pleasure of speaking with Ruth. I told her I wanted to cancel my order and she looked up my information and said the order had been processed and shipped so I would have to send the product back and they would credit the product but not the shipping. I explained to her that I had just placed the order prier to this call and I looked up the reviews and didn't want her to ship it at all.

She said she couldn't even process the recurring charges till after 30 days. I told Ruth that I would be making a call to my credit card company and have the charges stopped at my end and she said that I would still be responsible for the shipping and handling.. Again I said RUTH! It hasn't been shipped yet.

I just placed the order! She proceeded to tell me that she had been using the product for 3 years and how well it worked for her. She wanted to know my reasons for returning it. I reminded her of their "No questions asked" return policy and she continued to tell me the benefits of the Snake oil.

An how I would be happier if I left the recurring billing in place because any interruption in the use of the product would result in unwanted results. I again told her there will be no interruption because I don't want to try it at all. These people are crazy. High pressure Snake Oil of century salespeople.

After 15 minutes going round and round she said she would see if her supervisor could go to the warehouse and pull the shipment so I wouldn't be charged. Really? This is all I wanted in the first place and your no questions asked return policy just cost me 45 wasted minutes on hold and the phone. Shame on Larry King for endorsing such a product.

I have a know new view of Celebrity endorsed products. Never Again!

Monetary Loss: $69.

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Thank you! You would think i would have learned after ordering a product called alo cure and being ripped off for 70.00. I am glad i read the reviews first.......

Manahawkin, New Jersey, United States #825108

I am so glad that I have read the reviews first. They almost got me.


Thank you for the review! My mom (89 yrs.

old) saw the same commercial and wanted an order.

I assure you I don't have the time or patients to go around with people of this nature. Thanks again!


So glad I read the complaints before ordering!! Thank you all for writing reviews!! I am so sorry for all of you and hope you get your money back :((((

Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States #798136

Thank you for your comment and I will put out the warning on my facebook, twitter and everyone I know! Thanks again

Sacramento, California, United States #790436

Those celebrities are paid for their endorsements, so most of them don't care of the products work or not.