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We regret to learn that you had difficulty reaching us via phone. We are aware that wait times may be long on certain days and times and we have taken steps to remedy the wait times. We can also provide assistance via e-mail and recommend sending an email directly to Our service professionals in our Customer Advocacy Group wanted to contact you to insure that your issues have been addressed to your satisfaction however, your post is anonymous. Should you wish to address your concerns with them, please contact us at 1-800-607-0419, or email
Fairfield, Texas

Tried to cancel several times. Can't reach anyone due to "their overwhelming response". Can't get my money back from their free 90 day trial ! a 100 minute wait ! Really????

I wouldn't give this product a chance if they paid ME to try it !

What is wrong with people? No customer service just a continuous sales pitch. Don't go online either. Their website for customer service emails doesn't work. I am furious ! I would pay a lawyer to pursue this but I don't have to because my best friend is a lawyer. Larry King should be ashamed endorsing this. He should wait on hold with their customer service for a few days.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $70.

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