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Thank you for your review and we are glad we were able to speak with you on May 1st, 2017. Rest assured that your account was cancelled and your refund submitted, as discussed. We thank you for being part of the OmegaXL family.
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I'm trying to cancel my orders but no one is answering the phone properly so I can do so I don't want no one taking money from my account that I left with you I want to take your Omega but my doctors won't let me so please get back in touch so I can talk to someone is very important please do not touch my account because I cannot take this myself I am not a lot because I'm so sick 267 588 5528 please contact me as soon as possible do not repeat take any other money from my account you have it on file God help me I just hope these people answer because they have been doing to me all week they put me on a line with a recorder keep saying I know you have a lot of people that you're trying to serve but in the right someone need to answer so I can put in my words that I cannot accept taking the Omega because my doctors won't let me please return my funds as promised and I will try to get you some customers from this end that's my word my word is my bond I love the idea of your muscles I do eat mussels but they're not from where yours came from about my doctor I don't know what to believe anymore because they say one thing and then someone else says something else so I'm afraid to take anything with all the medications they have me on so please forgive me but I will try to get you more customers my name is Ione Ellis one at so please let me know if you got my message that's my email I just gave you my phone number is 267 588 552 8 I prefer talking to someone please

Product or Service Mentioned: Omega Xl Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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