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Temple, Georgia
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I received the first order and decided I wanted to return the order for a full refund and was within the time frame that was stated at the bottem of the packing slip, I called only to get in a confrontation with customer service person. He said my refund would only be after the 90 day trial period, nowhere does it say you have to wait til after the 90 days to get a full retund, it says within the 90 days.

Thank God I sent the package back certified and with signature because when I called they said they had not gotten it until I told them I had a signature.

It has been 3 weeks and still haven't gotten refund. Pissed!

Monetary Loss: $120.

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Clinton, North Carolina, United States #709762

You were very smart to send it back certified & signature requested! I googled this product after seeing an infomercial today and this was the first site that popped up. I'm sure glad I came here to read because I was going to order it for my mom, who has fibromyalgia.

Someone is on here suggesting people cancel their credit card & get a new one so this company can't charge the old card. NOT good advice, as they can send the uncollected bill(s) to a collection agency. :eek the thing to do is call your credit card company and dispute the charges. You should also write a letter to them & print out theses complaints to enclose with your letter. They will give you a case number and you must write that number on EVERY piece of paper & reference it in your letter. And send certified / signature request to the credit card company, too. When you can show a credit card company that the product you're disputing is a well documented scam, they will side with you 99% of the time. I had to teach my mom this (for a totally different company), but was able to get her $9,000 back. The credit card company removed the charges and gave her that much of a credit on her card. (In other words, they aren't going go send you a check.)

I highly suspect that many, if not most, of the "***" votes on reviews that are against this product are by employees (or compensated in some way people). The old adage that "If it sounds too good to be true it probably isn't!" certainly applies here, or doctors would have all patients over a certain age or with back pain on it already & this company wouldn't need to do infomercials.