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Omega XL has hundreds of thousands of satisfied customer who continue to purchase our product monthly. There are thousands of testimonials to both our product quality and our customer service. It is unfortunate that anyone would choose to publish negative references to a company with which they have had no business, under the shield of anonymity.
Lonaconing, Maryland

I'd think it be a whole lot easier for the people who CAN'T get the company to stop charging their accounts or credit cards to just simply let your banks do their jobs by alerting them that you did NOT AUTHORIZE these additional charges. However generally you must make the attempt to retrieve your funds back or have charges reversed yourself first!!

I agree this May be an annoyance as well however bankers on the other hand don't put up with being screwed out of their money by companies as you all described. They have high powered bulldog lawyers on hand, general populous doesn't. Why don't you just let them represent your bank over the actions they caused themselves! I wouldn't put up with that!

I'd certainly never permit my money from being drained out of my account! Too many people are reporting these types of actions that occur and their lying down and accepting this as if they don't have a choice to FIGHT BACK! Please people ask your banks to refund your money based on unauthorized withdrawals or charges. Let them know you made a one time purchase only.

Don't let companies suck you dry! The sales reps. For these companies are trained only for a few days they do as they are told most earning minimum wage or percentages of their sales. I admit their almost as guilty, but there is probably only 1-2 supervisors who know HOW to do over rides and credit the customers.

That's why the supervisor positions are essentially 1 per every 25 sales reps. You do the math. Their company is COUNTING ON OUR HANGING UP AND SAYING OH WELL I HAVE NO OPTIONS NOW! Well you do People you really do, it's called FRAUD UNIT/ CONSUMER PROTECTION.

EVERY Financial institution has one if their Federally backed.

Meanwhile in all fairness has ANYONE TRIED THIS PRODUCT? Carolyn from Md.

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