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Thank you for your feedback on Omega XL. The amount of Omega 3 EPA in a product is one of several factors to consider when choosing an Omega 3 product. Other factors include the molecular form of the Omega 3, the source of the Omega 3, the manufacturing process used to produce the oil and the conditions under which the entire sourcing and manufacturing process is completed. Omega XL is sourced from the waters of New Zealand, found to be amongst the cleanest in the world. The oil is produced utilizing a patented process and, as a result, comes in a small easy to swallow capsule. Omega XL also has a high level of Omega 3 free fatty acids that have been shown to be absorbed by the body very efficiently. Based upon the high quality of our product, we have hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers and encourage you to try our product.
Gloucester City, New Jersey

You people need to eat right and exercise. No need for supplements right boost yourself up.

Get up and work out. Fat skinny whoever you are do what's best for you and your health. Stay away from those chips and cookies. Sodas, candy.

Etc. The problem is what you eat.

Blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol issues comes from a poor diet. You are what you eat.

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Brooklyn, New York, United States #950247

If you are so healthy what are you even doing on a site for people seeking help for their inflammatory disease? This site has nothing to do with high cholesterol, high blood pressure, ect.

Its for people looking for something that might help them with a condition that has nothing to do with their diet.

Prairieville, Louisiana, United States #950224

Ra & Pa are auto immune inflammatory conditions that can affect anyone of any age. These are 2 of many diseases that can stricken people regardless of diet and exercise.

Your theory that only people with poor diets and lack of exercise get sick is absurd.

Thats like telling lance Armstrong or all the children at st. Judes, its their fault they have cancer. Or Michael j fox its his fault he has Parkinson's.

The list goes on and on. The only thing we can take from you and your post, is that diet & exercise is obviously no cure for ignorance.

Greenville, Texas, United States #946042

Good advice if that's the problem but terribly insensitive to those who are suffering pain due to injuries from circumstances beyond their control! I hope you never end up with 7 herniated disks, 2 chronic lumbar fractures and a spinal cord that is collapsing causing seizures, stool and urine incontinence and leg weakness causing multiple falls.

You need to become more human and think about that!

However I will not order Omega XL just based on the numerous negative comments and high price of the product. White Willow Bark is a natural analgesic and a heck of lot cheaper too.


Excuse me but some inflammatory conditions have nothing to do with what you such as Rheumatoid Arthritis. Which is a disease even a one year old can get.

I got RA when I was only 17 always had been healthy ate right, thin teenager, excercised,and did no drugs and from one day to another i developed RA.

An inflammatory disease which causes me daily pain & has even put me in a wheelchair. Sometimes things are that easy just "eat right and you'll be okay" foolish advice