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We regret the inconvenience this misunderstanding has caused you. We have hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers who have realized results from using Omega XL and we always try to provide the best in customer service. Customers generally begin to feel the benefits of Omega XL within 4 to 6 weeks of daily use of our product and that is the reason for agents continuing to encourage four soft gels a day during your initial use of the product.

On September 9, 2015, our Customer Advocacy Group attempted to contact you in response to your posting on this website and you refused to talk with them. We encourage you to continue to use our product to achieve the results you are seeking.

The service professionals in our Customer Advocacy Group have reviewed the audio record of your initial sales call of July 12, 2015. At that time, it was explained that each month we would ship 2 bottles of Omega XL at $ 96.85, including shipping. Based on your posting, this was not clearly understood during the initial sales call. As a customer courtesy, our agent processed a partial refund of $ 30.00 to you during your telephone conversation of August 15, 2015 and you accepted this. That refund was credited to your Visa account on August 21, 2015. You also reduced your automatic shipments to 1 bottle and the next shipment is scheduled on September 12, 2015. To date your account is active. Should you need further assistance with this matter, please contact our Customer Advocacy Group at 1-800-607-0419 or via email at
Jasper, Alabama

I ordered omega xl. The 2nd month I recieved twice the amount I was expecting.

Your representatives told me I set it up that way. Instead of just under $50.00, you took out nearly $100.00. Initially I was told to take 4 a day till next shipment. When I talked to rep this time, he said 4 a day for 2 months.

Your reps basically said I agreed to this. Then they blamed your system for the 2nd shipment. I like the product, I think, but I really get angry when I am called a liar. Supposedly, you are returning $30.00 to my account.

So I am only paying $20.00 for what I didn't order. I'm a disabled veteran and have my group waiting to see how you handle things. By reading this site, it appears this may all be a fraud. We are hoping it's not.

Your ethics are definitely in question. Without a reply, I will cancel, and expect my money returned. I have talked to three reps so far, with three different stories.

Up to you to convince me you are not duping me. Agreeing to terms of service is coercion, and another sign you may be a fraud.

Product or Service Mentioned: Omega Xl Pills.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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