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As we state in our advertising, it may take 6 to 12 weeks for Omega XL to be fully effective. Nutritional supplements are not pharmaceuticals and the body takes longer to absorb and utilize them. It is unfortunate that you did not simply call and cancel your order. At that time you might have been eligible for a refund.
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I bought omega xl and took it every day. I got a call from someone who encouraged me to order more.

Since I didn't feel any better than I did a month after starting it, I tried to cancel, but after reading other reviews, I just got a new credit card and blocked them from being able to call my number. I'm not buying it again.

I will go back to krill oil and try stretching more to relieve some of the joint pain. 53inohio

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Thank you for posting your comment! I just saw the infomercial and was going to call but I thought I should just see if there are any reviews.

I probably would have done what you did and canceled my card but that is such a hassle.

I must say I tried a product called supple that did help with my pain but it is expensive and when you try to cancel they also don't answer. I was able to email them and then they did stop.