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Charged me $19.95 for my call to them regarding Omega XL

If you did not provide a method of payment, such as a credit card, or a bank account, how might we have charged? As you have chosen to remain anonymous, it isn’t possible for us to review your account and try to help. If you wish to address your concerns, we recommend contacting our Customer Advocacy Group at 1-800-607-0419, or via email at
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Omega XL advertised anti-inflamatory pills for sale.

I did not purchase any but they still charged my bank account %19.95.

I only gave them my name and address no other info?! How'd they get the

other info?

How can I get the charge taken off and stop any more such charges?

The product involved is Omega XL anti-inflamatory pills. They are being

sold by a christian ministry organization on TV Channel HLN arround midnight or on late night TV.

I cant remember the name of the man or the lady on the program I'm truly

sorry! Could you please try to help me??????

They had a lady and a gentleman also on the program as guests.

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Omega XL only problem

As you have chosen to remain anonymous, we are unable to review the details of your account and offer to address your concerns. We recommend contacting the service professionals in our Customer Advocacy Group at 1-800-607-0419 or via email at
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Omega Xl Pills

I have been taking this pills for 2 years. i received great reviews from my heart Dr.

my sugars levels drop . this product really works. The only problem is their delivery system if they do not listen to the publics opinion and get it together they will lose customers. They need to stop charging people , if they call to cancelled.

My bank had to get my money back they send me more than 1200 dollars worth of pills.

I was amazed because my understanding was that the company is a cristaian co. they only adv. on christian stations. I am praying that they change their system.

Maybe the presidents of the company does not relize what the shipping dept.

is doing. Destrying his company,,,,

It is expensive but it did cure my arthritis and for that I am eternally grateful -- | Omega Xl in Columbus, Ohio

It is expensive and for many people it may be too expensive to continue to take, and maybe what you say is true but all I know is I used to have to go to the arthritis doctor every 5 months for injections in my knuckles because they would lock up and it was soooo very painful. I kept praying for a miracle and one night when I was praying, I turned on TV to a christian station and saw they talking about this product so I tried it. All I can say is thank you God, I haven't been back to the arthritis doctor in 2 1/2 years. I am telling you guys the truth. I never tried salmon oil because I cannot swallow large pills, these are easy to swallow for me so I am very grateful.
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