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Great HealthWorks has reviewed this post. Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience you may have experienced with respect to your purchase of Omega XL. We take pride in ensuring our customer’s satisfaction. We have many thousands of loyal customers and thousands of positive testimonials reflecting positive results from using our product. We maintain a 90-day money back guarantee from a customer’s initial order date and process qualified refunds every month. We have a dedicated Customer Advocacy Department that would be happy to attend to your needs directly and address any concerns or issues you are having and resolve them appropriately. We encourage you to contact them directly at and we will address this immediately.
Boise, Idaho

They sent an order, that I didn't request. Told them I had placed it back in the mail.They said they'd credit my account when it got there.. 6mos later, they said they couldn't credit the money they took, but were returning the product to me. Scams, fraud,and thieves. Don't order, Run the other way. My bank said they couldn't help either... Ever feel like you've been had?Anyone want to buy some Omega XL? By the way, Erica and Doris are two representatives to avoid. They speak forked tongue. My bank said they couldn't deal with Omega,as they realized they were scamming the customer..

Monetary Loss: $247.

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I had an issue with Omega XL reoccurring billing once. I called their customer service number in which I must say my experience was fair.

However, my billing issue was resolved and they now have me a customer again.

Once positive is you actually get to speak to a real person vs a machine. Over great customer service and great product!!!!


Thanks for the tip - you just saved me a big headache! ;)