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We’re sorry you lost your position with our firm. We’re sure this has been an upsetting experience. Great Health Works carefully prepares precise statements that our agents are required to make during sales calls, in order to ensure that our customers are completely and accurately informed of the details of their transactions. Omega XL has hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers who continue to purchase the product monthly, and agents who enjoy helping them with their needs. If an agent consistently fails to follow our guidelines we are obliged to act to protect the best interests of the customers.
Los Angeles, California

I also to work for Omega XL and recently the Pa called me and told me that they terminated my contract because I wasn't reading this group verbatim mind you this is like my 3rd week working for great health works and they terminated my contract without me knowing why I was terminated but I kind of felt that it was a scam is well and I think it is a scam now that I'm looking at all of these complaints about gray hilt works

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