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Omega Xl - I was going to buy this morning

OmegaXL has hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers who regularly purchase our product for relieving joint pain due to inflammation. It is unfortunate that you have chosen to believe the anonymous internet postings as opposed to the many positive customer
reviews and testimonials. The service professionals in our Customer Advocacy Group have tried to reach you at the phone number and email address you posted, with no results. Should you wish to talk with us to learn more about OmegaXL's benefits they can be reached at
1-800-607-0419 or
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Poor customer service

Was going to buy this morning but I got online and read these reviews, but no thank you! Thank you to all the customers that did buy for going through the B.S for others to know they have bad customer service and take your money.They must have not been ready business wise to handle this many customers, because I am a business owner and this is what happens when you get overloaded, so either they are not business smart or just don't care. Reviews matter, I review everything before I buy, even my dish soap, I don't waste money, or give it to B.S, making others rich off of me, again No thank you!!

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Omega Xl - Cancelled before shipment

Reviewing our records we find that your refund was issued within 72 hours of your call. Contrary to popular misconception, when a merchant charges your credit card it takes 48 to 72 hours for the merchant to actually receive their funds from the credit institution.
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Omega Xl Customer Care

I ordered this right after having Gastric Bypass surgery, I was in a lot of pain, so I ordered. As the days went on I started feeling better so I called in and cancelled and was assured that they would take care, but to my surprise when I called on March 4th 2013, I was told by April that there was no cancellation on my account, they took my money and caused me to have overdraft and that money was for my cell phone.

My cell phone got cut off and I am still waiting for refund. They said 72hrs. and I am still waiting,this really sucks. I am on fixed income and they are messing me up.

today is 72hrs, I keep checking bank and the money has not been put back, they also sent product that I immediately sent it back. But I am made cause it didn't take them 72hrs. to take my money.

This is why I don't order online products, customer service sucks and they lie, but I recorded the call and I am trying to get them on the phone and they have long wait times. Where is my money?


Do Not Trust Omega Xl or any other infomercial without checking for complaints online. And make sure to cancel any card you have so they can't charge you again.


After seeing a clip about this product with Larry King, I was eager to place an order. Luckily, I decided to read some of its reviews.

WOW! Glad I did.

Thanks for all of your comments. You saved me time, money, and heartache.

Daytona Beach,Florida

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