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The studies offered to support our product claims are open to the public, as are the thousands of testimonials from customers who have enjoyed the anti-inflammatory benefits of Omega XL.

GreatHealth works is a manufacture and distributor based in Hollywood,Fl of a a product called Omega Xl a product that they make repeat false claims that it helps with arthitits,joint paint,good circulation and heart health and helps with all types of illnesses and just about any other condition you could think of.This product does not work,there are no conclusive studies that prove that these claims are real,This company preys on the sick and elderly with lies and fake hopes they point out the research that has been done on Omega 3s in general these studies where done on regular Omega 3s not the formula in Omega Xl and in those studies it was supportive never conclusive. and the last study was done in 1992 pretty strange for a product like Omega Xl that only came out a few years ago,The company to sell its *** game hires Drs and other actors an even some celebrities to sell you the dream there all heavily compensated actors to sell you that this is going to help with your health conditions lies,lies and more lies.Then they try to point out that they have all these testamonials of happy customers Fact most if not all are testamonials of people that are taking this product with real medication and what there are feeling is really relief from there medication these people are not taking the Omega Xl by it self this company has no proof of anything or any studies and our a bunch of lies and cheats,The only thing i would say is really true as i took the product and spoke with many customers that did there all natural product despite Great HealthWorks denial has serious allergic reactions on alot of people Rash,Hives,swelling of the throat ,chest paints,headaches and the list goes on,They will sell you this product and without notice or consent charge your credit card automaticly every month and keep sending you this product that has had no real studies on, Say No to Omega Xl i worked there and saw first hand how customers are treated when you call the informercial you are really calling a independent virtual contracter that is not even an employee of there company some teenager siting home lieing away for this company and most of the time will never disclose that you are being enrolled in an Autoship program stay clear away from Omega Xl by aGreatHealthworks its just a company of cons and cheats now i know a bunch of company phonies are probably gonna rebuttal this but it dosent mean anything coming from a real product development background it only means something when you have real science and studies behind it like a conclusive study from an independent university that proves real science and facts not a bunch of false claims and *** men preying on the sick and elderly.....If you you have been affected by this product in a bad way please contact your local attorney for advise and file a complaint with the FTC federal trade commision and the department of business regulation

Monetary Loss: $30000.

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