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These OMEGA XL people are liars and crooks! I called the only phone number they give to unsubscribe from their auto-reorder program! They said I had to wait 18 minutes. That took 45 for someone to finally answer. They told me that because I signed-up on line, they could not unsubscribe me and that they would put me in touch with their "on line" group, withour having to wait a long time. These liars put me into another "hold que" that lasted over 1 hour. I am still on hold.

One pissed-off consumer.

The people from OMEGA XL are trying to hide their bad business practices.

Monetary Loss: $60.

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Cincinnati, Ohio, United States #855088

I just had the run around ...called 4 #'s...on hold...finally talked to Roger...tried to cancel...he kept trying to tell me about deals & benefits;' Please cancel me'...same routine..I asked for his supervisor...wait for this..HE WAS THE SUPER...I almost fell off my chair...I lied, that I had to go to the bathroom! It started raining, so I said I had to close windows!..HE STILL WOULDN'T give up!Finally he said it was canceled, however, they don't give you a conformation #...I called the credit card co. to let them know the situation....God Bless us all!Bema