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We’re sorry to learn that you have had an unfortunate experience with our product and we would like to help. Omega XL has hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers who continue to purchase the product monthly. Thousands of them, including many seniors have given testimonials describing the results they have enjoyed from our product. We would like to help but we are unable to do so because you have chosen to remain anonymous. We recommend contacting the service specialists in our Customer Advocacy Group at 1 800 607-0419. Or
Kansas City, Missouri
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Why are these people and Larry king os advertising this medication that doesnt Work why is the networking allowing this to continue they are parte of the problem also Im on a fixed income they even have doctors lying for them if they are really doctors who knows why are they scamming scamming people talking advantage of people illnesses the people they advertise as being actual customers are not or are they. Larry king you dont need the money so why the Creed why lying about something that people need and want to believe that this pillado will help us.

Im very angry with this company if this msg is posted please dont spend your income on this product it Cost alot of money and it doesnt work and Larry Kingston should be ashame of tomarle for backing a company that take advantage of us seniors. if you dont hear what Im saying you deserve what you get we might be seniors but we are not ***.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Rancho Cucamonga, California, United States #968212

If this product is that good why isn't COSTCO SELLING IT?????????

Too many scams Larry should be ashamed of himself. How greedy can you be you don't need the money.

The key question is "why is this not in the storr???? They DONT have a good answer.