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We’re pleased to learn that you are happy with our product. Many of our customer testimonials include high praise for our customer service, as well. As we do not provide our product for others to sell on a retail basis, we are not certain of the efficacy of your advice.
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

I'm just informing the complainers to buy the product through QVC and you only get what you ordered. If you would use common sense you would know to never buy from infomercial, They won't cancel.

With QVC, if you want more of the product, you have to order every single time. You complainers are not the brightest crayons, quite obviously! Omega XL is a wonderful product when used correctly. Any time you want any product you see on TV, get online, go to QVC, and order the product through them.

It's that simple. Follow this advice and you won't be unhappy.

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I like the idea of purchasing a Walmart gift card. Good idea

Green Bay, Wisconsin, United States #582649

i had purchased from QVC before and after a few months I saw charges on my credit card that was not mine for items from qvc. When after several calls made to them I finally got the facts that they were charging someone elses items to my name and the names were no way similar. SO your idea of buying from QVC is als BS


Go to the store and purchase a $100 Visa Card for 4 bucks. Charge it to THAT card!

They cant continue charging it!! Then when you call to cancel and they refuse, tell them GOOD LUCK with that CARD!

to quick thinking Phoenix, Arizona, United States #698159

thats a great idea..didnt think of that..i sure will do it though..thanks again

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #567987

I have ordered several products through their paid programming

commercials and when they did not work for me and I returned

them during the "guarantee time" allotted, rec'd my credit,

further shipments ceased, and the customer service people

were very nice.

This person must work for Omega.


How terrible that someone would comment and be little one another this way...Shame on you.


You are correct Dee.


Let me say this Mr. anonymous from Baton Rouge: QVC does not handle Omega XL. Perhaps you should check your own crayon box before belittling others.


:cry It is obvious this is a crooked company when you have to pay and lock in to a payment auto delivery!!!!This is a corrupt policy and violates common decency. :cry


I went online in QVC and they only sell omega 3 not xl..just sayin'