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Thank you for your feedback on Omega XL. The amount of Omega 3 EPA in a product is one of several factors to consider when choosing an Omega 3 product. Other factors include the molecular form of the Omega 3, the source of the Omega 3, the manufacturing process used to produce the oil and the conditions under which the entire sourcing and manufacturing process is completed. Omega XL is sourced from the waters of New Zealand, found to be amongst the cleanest in the world. The oil is produced utilizing a patented process and, as a result, comes in a small easy to swallow capsule. Omega XL also has a high level of Omega 3 free fatty acids that have been shown to be absorbed by the body very efficiently. Based upon the high quality of our product, we have thousands of satisfied customers and encourage you to try our product.

I am a Holistic Nutritionist. This product has 11mg of EPA (anti-inflammatory component) of Omega 3 oil.

This would be suitable for a young child. In order to get therapeutic dosing of Omega 3 (specifically EPA) you need at least 1000mg. I suggest 2000mg to my clients. Therefore you need well over 10+ pills to get just over 100mg!

Not even close enough to the strength that fish oil provides.

Do research your source of fish oils and ensure they are contaminant free/pristine practice /processing. I wouldn't suggest this product for the money you have to pay and it's claims

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Thank you for an informed response.

Spokane, Washington, United States #934821

OH MY GOSH ---- How does one decide anything about Omega XL. It is crazy n one cannot tell what is truth n what is not!!

Hate to say it BUT I am staying away from this product based on all the negativity about the customer service problems. :-(