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Evidence has shown that none of the ingredients of Omega XL have the side effects you describe. We urge you to discuss this episode with your physician. We have no record of a customer of your name in the town shown in your review. If you wish to discuss your refund we recommend calling the service professionals in our Customer Advocacy Group at 1-800-607-0419 or via email at
Germantown, Maryland

This product is junk! I dont know which ingredient actually caused my pain to be worse but that's exactly what happened.

At first I thought I had somehow twisted wrong or something but when I stopped taking it my pain greatly improved. I stayed off of it but then thought I would try it again because I had paid so much for it and whoever heard of something that was supposed to help with pain causing more pain, right? Ha! Same thing happened again.

Terrible increased pain. Off of it again. Now get this, how dumb am I? I TRIED IT AGAIN!

Same thing happened. So now I'm convinced it's not my imagination. No more!

Well.....try getting a refund, that's when you find out about the snake oil scam. It took 6 months to get them to stop taking money out of my account, always a different amount so that the bank doesn't catch the charge.

Why? If it's a monthly re-order it should be the same price. Finally got it stopped but never did get all my money back. Their guarantee is nonsense.

Before you buythis *** check all the other negative reviews. It's a SCAM!

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Newark, New Jersey, United States #785494

Ive always been skeptical about anything larry king says. Thanks to your comments I will not only not buy the product (which I was going to do today), butfreshmussels I will never listen to Larry King ever again.

Columbus, Ohio, United States #772373

Thank you, from Germantown, Maryland. One of my reasons for hesitation of ordering was the quarantee and refund and the fact that they would withdraw the funds from your same credit card each month.

I believe, now, that this product is not for me!

:? :)

Windham, Maine, United States #772151

I'm so thankful I read the reviews! I'm at my wits-end with my pain, so I was just going to order this.

Thank you so much for coming forward with your experience.

I hope you find relief from your pain soon. ~Karyn

to Karyn Oakland, California, United States #797445

I have friends who took this product.and they also take pure msm capsules. the combination of both even helped their pain reduce more.

and the omegaxl als lowered their cholestrol 18 points in six months. . for some it works.

For some it doesnt.

I have been taking it for awhile biut I also take pure msm like my friends. so far so good.


Thank you and all the others who were brave enough to use their tag name anyway, rather than anonymous. I believe you and it is a good thing I read your comments as I was just about to reply to the TV Ad.

All the best.

Don In Tacoma, WA

to DLeske San Antonio, Texas, United States #785414

Thank you to all of you who were brave enough and took the time to tell the truth about this company. I am 41 yrs old and have had a rare form of arthritis, that is primarily only in adolescent males, since I was 10 years old.

After all these years and trying all sorts of drugs to combat the pain, I was going to try this because I saw it on Larry King and assumed it was legit. Luckily I saw these posts before I ordered any.

It's sad that there are people who will pray on people who are already dealing with so much in the way of continuos chronic pain already.

Thanks Again to all of you!

to Eric Oakland, California, United States #797447

It might help you. I know people who do take it and it helps.

but the first thing I ever took was pure msm capsules. it took away 70 percent of my pain in my joints where I can now get out and go on my tread mill or two mile walk in the morning. Check out the msm.

dont order it from any country but the us if you want it pure and know what you are getting. I have added omega xl to my daily dose and it seems to work well!