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Santa Rosa, California

I am also a pissed off customer my trial period did not expire and why didn't the so called rep not cancel my next order. I didn't even ask for my money back on the first order and they couldn't even get that right..I talked to the rep on 8 /22 and after him trying to reduce the price 3 times I told him to cancel my order for the next shipment but he wouldn't even do that...Now I am overdrawn for the 85 dollars and a 25 dollar overdraft fee..Now I want everything back because my 90 day trial period didn't expire so here we go...I will not let this rest.....pissed in Monte Rio

Product or Service Mentioned: Omega Xl Pills.

Monetary Loss: $195.

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Thank you soooo much for your reviews and using prepaid or virtual account numbers when ordering!! Excellent advise and I definitely will NOT be ordering this snake oil!!!

Birmingham, Alabama, United States #789117

Wow!! I'm sitting here watching the commercial with Dottie Peoples giving testimonies about Omega XL and was about to place an order until I searched the product and came across this site.

I'm not going to be another pissed customer so I'm not going to order this mess! Also please let me share something with you all. Get you a prepaid card and never put over $100 dollars on it.

When you order things like this online, use the prepaid card and that way you will not have to go thru them charging your card for money you don't have. I ordered a product online last year and put in on my prepaid card and i canceled the order before the trial was up but they tried to charge my card anyway, well they could not do it because the purchase was declined so they called me to ask me for another card and I informed them that I had canceled the order before the trial ended and told them where they could go....

to Neverafool Montverde, Florida, United States #795426

I do the same thing with my MASTERCARD VIRTUAL ACCOUNT NUMBERS. This is a program that you install on your computer, and when you buy something online or by phone, it generates a temporary card number that expires in 30 days unless you deactivate it before then. It's the only way I would buy a product like this, and I have used the deactivation feature several times to prevent recurring charges.

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada #739489

glad I read the reviews first.....I wont be placing any orders


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