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We regret that there may have been a misunderstanding when you placed your initial order. It is not our intention to ship additional or unwanted product to customers, and we apologize for any inconvenience. Our policy is to process refunds quickly, however, the banking system does require up to 3 days to post a refund to an account. Because your post is anonymous we are unable to look further into the information you posted to review your telephone communications with our customer service team in order to address any issues with the individuals who took your call. If you would like to provide such information so we can look further into the matter, please contact the service professionals in our Customer Advocacy Group at 1-800-607-0419 or via email at
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Im very pissed, i never agreed to have the product auto ship after the first purchase..I explained i wanted to try the product before re ordering..I received a huge charge on my debit card from this company. I spoke to a representative & demanded a supervisor, after 30 mins of him saying he is sorry & let me let him help me..i was getting more upset..The supervisor was nice but first stated it would take 30 days for my refund & i explained to her I need my money & it was for a bill, she then said it would take 3 days.My bank account is over drafted due to all this..Its shouldn't even take 3 days..Im reporting it to a higher source

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $250.

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It's amazing that even after canceling cards and accounts in order to prevent a company from fraudulent orders, they can continue auto billing and you still owe, even when you alert the card co. Or bank of the problem.

You must fix the problem with ordering company. This happend on a different order from a different company. I learned my lesson to "Never Buy" if there is a chance of auto billing ! Thank you all for posting that this has happened to you with this product.

"I will not be ordering". I'm supprised the FTC and DOJ have not ordered a stop to any and all of this kind of business practice. Also, notice where ever this practice occurs, the consumer ALWAYS experiences, auto ship and auto bill is next to impossible to stop and customer service fails to remedy, fails to answer or return calls, but they succeed in taking the first initial order. Also notice that the websites don't offer stop service, or that they experience it not working !

I'm glad I read through 3 months of reviews here before ordering.

I will avoid now ! Thanks Pissed Consumer for this platform !


I went through same thing there rip offs at that pills don't work

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Just report your debit card stolen or lost and ask your bank to issue a new debit card number. I have done this before and they can no longer charge your account.

This will help only if you gave them a debit card.

I recommend if you purchase online to use only a actual credit card not a debit. Credit cards can be reversed.

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Auto drafts can still hit the account even if it's been closed. Disagreements with companies must be resolved in order to stop an auto draft. I learned this from personal experience.


If that ever happens again cancel your account, credit card right away and then they can't charge your account anymore. Good luck.