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Albuquerque, New Mexico

I had ordered Omega XL 2 months ago. It had cost me $60.00 for 2 bottles.

The following month they charged me $92.00 for 1 bottle and said it would only cost me $43.00. And then when I called them on it, they tried to sell it to me for $33.00. I declined Their sales because they lied to me. Sales like this who needs online shopping.

But in the end I sent them their products back and had my money refunded back to me. What a great world of computers and infomercials.

Never trust these entities.It's nice to be a veteran of the U.S Armed Forces and you come home, you get lied to and you can't trust your fellow citizens. What a great country.Be careful out there.

Product or Service Mentioned: Omega Xl Pills.

Monetary Loss: $92.

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Fort Riley, Kansas, United States #745931

Thanks for all the useful comments, I have severe back pain that's chronic and my husband saw this on TV and told me to check it out cause he hates seeing me hurt and im so glad I came across this site 1st because I would hate to get scammed when he works so hard to make money by serving our country, so thank u again!!!!!! Angel B.


On review #444437 hit the "***" scam button by mistake. Please remove; Thank you.


Thanks to my bank, they helped me get my money back.