listen everyone.i learned along time ago the benefits of good fish oil high in omega 3.its true that some companies don"t get all the toxins out.you have to do a little research.thats the main thing taking good fish oil.do you know that jack lalane was a pioneer in this when no one really knew the good things it does internal for health.he was heavy into cod liver oil that is high in omega 3.he knew before many.i started taking it due to inflamation of the joints.i then learned of so many other things.without changing my diet my trigs went from 180 down to 85 in six months.then six months later they were at 59.my doctor at the time didn"t want to hear about fish oil because the fda didn"t have a rip off scheme yet and there was no money to be made.of course when fish oil was getting more proof of what it could do the pharm companies came up with a drug cut with fish oil.what a load of ***! i am writing all this to educate people because natural fish oil does work with no side effects.the trick is the amount of mg.if you want to feel results in two weeks.you should from 2500 to 4000 mg a day depending on your ailments.med doctors don"t want you to know this because natural things don"t really work that well in low doses.they would rather drug your *** up so they can make their money from the drug companies.if any one is wondering i have been using carlson labs.i know for a fact all their stuff is pure with no toxins.a little pricey but worth it.a good health food store is good to but more expensive than looking on line.also fish oil fights inflamation in your artieres.a known fact.it is also a natural blood thinner.so you will take longer to clot if you get a cut.but you cannot od on it.hope you found this helpfull.

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ThanKs for sharing it was very helpful


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I can't take advice from one who types like a child. Good day!