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Greensboro, North Carolina
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I ordered Omega XL and decided before the second shipment to cancel.I spent my time on the phone calling to cancel and they charged my account anyway. WTF!

Omega XL billed me anyway! Bad business and I hope that someone will do something to put a stop to this! After having a problem I decided to check out the internet to see if anyone else is having this type of problem. I learned an important lesson.

I will check on a company before I purchase anything else. If I had seen all the things on the internet about Omega XL I would have never bought it.

Monetary Loss: $175.

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Steagall I too had a similar situation where my billing was not cancelled correctly. However, Omega XL did fix the situation after I caught it a second time.

They were more than willing to fix and address the situation. I found this site when trying to cancel originally and I feel your frustration.

They customer service is pretty good be patient. They will fix it