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New York, New York

Omega XL is fraud i sign on to receive the product after a while i called them to cancel however omega xl refused they continue charging my account even after i cancelled and they did not send the product because i refuse given them my new address which they did not have in there file and still they refuse to refund back my money.They said they where going to review the matter and call me back. This company should not be taking people money forcefully. I you dont want the product they should take it back if they truly believe there product is good and they have a market for it.

Monetary Loss: $38.

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Cathedral City, California, United States #706487

You can call your credit card company and explain what happened and they will not pay to Omega XL until the dispute is resolved.

Dallas, Texas, United States #642171

I read all of the unhappy customer accounts. The one woman who incurred the rash might have been allergic to fish and was taking a larger amount than recommended.

If you have a dispute with a vendor, you need to report this verbally and follow up with a written complaint to your credit card provider. The credit card provider will report that this vendor has charged your account without your permission and will give you credit, or if caught in time, will deny the charge. If the offense of the vendor continues, ask to have your card cancelled and another issued to you, or do that anyway.