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If anyone reading this wishes to do business with us they may pay with any of the methods described. Omega XL offers clinical testing to prove the greater efficacy of our product and its ingredients.
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If you are not happy with Omega XL and want to stop the monthly charges, act immediately by going to your bank and asking them to cancel your debit card (never use a credit card when ordering anything). When they cancel your debit card, they will issue you a new one and it will have a different number but still attached to the same account.

When XL people try to take money from that account, they will not be able to do it. It will bounce back to them. NEVER GIVE ANYONE YOUR ACCOUNT NUMBER. But you can change your debit card and stop them from collecting your money.

If you want to try something else, here is another suggestion. Go to your nearest drug store and purchase a cash card from Visa for the exact amount or a little more for the product you want to buy and try out. Do not any more money into that prepaid Visa account and they are UNABLE to draw any funds from it! My advice is to ALWAYS buy any supplement you believe is good for you (do your research) from GNC or something other supplement or health store.

Buy the product when you want it. They may not sell Omega XL, but you can bet there is another product with the same strength and more pure or GNC could not remain in business. I get everything (vitamins and a few supplements) from GNC. If they don't work, I don't work, don't buy another bottle.

Get the word out that ALL OFFERS ON TV OR ON THE RADIO will suck money from your banking account.


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Awesome suggestion!!! Thank you!

Martinsburg, West Virginia, United States #894235

I was just thinking about buying Omega XL until I read the review in here. WHOA!!

"Not gonna do it!" Your idea for getting a prepaid Visa is a good one, which will eliminate the need to cancel your debit card. Glad I read this!! 


I am getting monthly charges for Omega XL on a credit card number that I ordered it with initially. I have a question...could I do the following (and end up not getting any more Omega XL charges going through).

I think I can call my credit card company and tell them that my card is lost or stolen.

The credit card company would then cancel out that account. And they would issue me a new credit card "with an entirely new credit card number".

My understanding is that continuity program charges DO NOT CARRY OVER TO A NEW CREDIT CARD ""NUMBER"".

Am I thinking this out correctly?


Great idea, thanks, I really wanted to try this product, but was afraid this would happen, as it has happened to me before on another product, once they get your credit card number, they wont stop charging on it. Again great advise thanks, Ann------------ :)


If you want to try it? Try EBAY


Ignore this suggestion above of using a debit card rather than a credit card. You can also cancel a credit card.

The advantage of a credit card over a debit card is that with at debit card, they are TAKING MONEY OUT OF YOUR BANK ACCOUNT. So, when they charge it, the money is gone and then you have to try to get it BACK. With a credit card, you have all the same methods of denial and working with your bank, but with the debit card, the money comes OUT of your bank account and you have to get it BACK.

Financial advisors suggest that you NEVER use debit cards since this is the case. (Also, safest to have an ATM card over a debit card since it can't be used without a PIN)

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This warning brought to you by GNC.


Thanks for that suggestion,


I used to (several years ago) take OmegaXL, but decided to stop. I called the number and actually didn't have any problem cancelling the auto-ship.

I was just about to start again, as I notice difficulties that I don't recall having when I was taking it. Your idea of a prepaid card is a good one.