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I was in a bike wreck. I did not notice a difference in the artritis where I had breaks.

What was significantly!!! improved was the range of motion on my knee where I had tendon repair on leg by my knee. It was like someone oiled the joint. I noticed it only toward the end when I increased the dose to four a day as recommended.

It is expensive, but it is the only one that worked. I also tried flexicin?? from the internet and noticed Ino improvement at all.

I am disappointed at finding that so many have had problems with the company as I found it on Trinity Broadcast Network.

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Oh my, well where do I start. Probably at the end. Most knee injuries resolve on their own with little additional effort on the patient's part. Arthritis is an inflammation or irritation of a joint so technically your joints experience transient traumatic arthritis. Unless the fracture (ought not use non-specific words like break) is in the bone(s) of the joint you do not get arthritis along the shaft of a bone. Although as all things heal with an inflammation process it is often in overdrive when under the speed limit cruse control would be more effective. Anti-inflammatories temper the process and lessen the congestion and extracellular and interstitial edema allowing more normal transport (osmolarity and others) of getting the bad out and the good in. Your success may be due to other influences. Pain avoiding movement and exercise go a long way to return function. The claim of good product seems to be too large a blanket that doesn't give you credit for being a careful diligent patient who pays attention to their body's signals. In any event, the best anti-inflammatory only allows you to do the work of healing. Throwing a pill at someone's knee is not going to get the knee better. It is the movement, guarded use, and exercise that create the therapeutic chain of events that lead to regaining ROM, strength and function. Lessening an out of control inflammation process is important to allow you to engage in the return to function. I am sure you did some exercise to get better. Even if you only did your normal daily activities once the inflammation process is tempered this movement and pumping of circulation will start the healing process better than being stagnant with 100 pills. You got yourself better.Good luck

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