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Almost convinced | Omega Xl review from Valrico, Florida

OmegaXL has hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers who purchase our product every month to relieve joint pain due to inflammation. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction. We offer a Money Back Guarantee for the first 90 days following the initial order and process refunds daily. We are always disappointed when customers rely on negative, mostly anonymous, internet postings rather than the many positive customer reviews and testimonials. The service professionals in our Customer Advocacy Group contacted you to address your concerns. Should you wish to talk with us to learn more about OmegaXL’s benefits, our 90 day money back guarantee or return policy, please contact us at 1-800-607-0419 or
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  • Poor customer service
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Poor reviews

buyer beware. I was almost convinced into a purchase however after reading all of the available reviews I decided that the unsatisfied customers were very much more convincing than the testimonials.

Glad I saved my money and shame on Larry King for his contribution to the deception. I am certain that his presence was a factor in many purchases made. The concept and results of this product may very well be true however if the trust in both customer service and the return experience is not fulfilled, the result can be very unkind to the product. I am not willing to trust them that much.

During the infomercial it was asked why it was not made available in stores. I now believe the real answer lies in the return policy.

At a local drug store, the product would have been returned with less fuss. I'm very glad that all I lost was a half hour of my life watching the infomercial.

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Omega Xl - Free Trial Review from Tampa, Florida

We do not offer a “free trial”. We offer a free bottle with your first order, and a risk free money back guarantee during your first 90 days after your initial purchase. This information accompanies your first order. Should you not wish to receive future orders, please contact the service professionals in our Customer Advocacy Group at, or 1-800-607-0419.
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Reason of review
Problem with delivery

I'm trying omega XL, not had my free trail yet. they wanted to send me another order before time.i don't think i'm going to try again.

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Review in Drug Stores and Drugs category from Fort Lauderdale, Florida | Omega Xl review

It is unusual that you continued to take a product for 3 years but feel you did not have favorable results. Omega XL has hundreds of thousands of customers who continue to purchase our product on a monthly basis. Thousands of them have given testimonials to the benefits they have received. We would like to address your concerns, but you have chosen to remain anonymous, so that isn’t possible. We recommend that you contact the service professionals in our Customer Advocacy Group at 1-800-607-0419, or
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Not as described/ advertised

I took omega xl for 3yr it did nothing to reduce information, might have helped my hart I am not sure. They ask me to do their TV ad I said no , thy rase my price. Omega xl is a joke

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Omega Xl - Pills Review from Tampa, Florida

Our agents are trained to make an effort to retain customers, but to follow the customer’s directions should those efforts not be productive. Certainly, no one is permitted to refuse to cancel your order. We would like to help with the difficulty you are experiencing. Unfortunately, we are unable to do so because you have not told us who you are. We recommend contacting our specialized Customer Advocacy Group at 1 800-607-0419, or
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Reason of review
Bad quality

I originally order this product after seeing the commercial, of consumers talking about how the product had helped with various health concerns and thought I would give it a try since I was experiencing joint pain and only needed to pay ( 4.95) for S/H . I am not receiving any benefits from this product, and decided to cancel, however,I am having a very hard time w/ cancelling, not to mention the amount of money this product is costing me each month. At any rate i am very in-happy, and do not understand why this company is refusing/ and making it hard to cancel.

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Omega XL Rip Off

Thank you for your feedback about Omega XL. We have hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers and regret that you had a bad customer service experience.
It appears that the customer service agent on duty may not have correctly handled the disposition of your call. Our agents are trained to cancel an account upon the customer’s request following efforts to retain a customer. We have thousands of satisfied customers and request that you contact our Customer Advocacy Department at 1-800-607-0419 ext. 3188 to address your concerns. If we did charge your account improperly, we will issue an immediate refund. Thank you again for your feedback and we look forward to hearing from you.
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Reason of review
Bad quality
Preferred solution
Full refund

Ordered product from Larry King infomercial. Found out the product was old.

Now I am trying to get off the monthly reorder plan and get a refund. They are trying to get me off the phone with out refunding the money for shipping and handling and my refund. Period. Bad company/Bad product.

I am still on hold with this guy trying to give me other products in lieu of refund. Will have to call the credit card company and better business bureau. He tells me he guarantees me that they will not refund my shipping costs.

I told him it's not my fault the product is old and we wouldn't even be having this conversation if they did not have an inferior product. Actually, I don't think they care.

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Omega Xl - Omegaxl Review from Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Omega XL has hundreds of thousands of satisfied customer who continue to purchase our product monthly. It is unfortunate that you have chosen to deny yourself the inflammation relieving benefits of our product on the strength of anonymous internet postings.
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Reason of review
Not as described/ advertised

Thanks to everyone that shared their reviews. I fell asleep last night in pain and woke up this morning to the OmegaXl scam on tv.

Imagine how many elderly folks they rip off this way.

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BUYER BEWARE SCAM | Omega Xl review from Melbourne, Florida

We have no record of a customer with your name in the community listed in your review. Is it possible that your order is under another name? Should you wish to discuss your issues, we recommend that you call our Customer Advocacy Group at 1-800-607-0419, or via email at
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I ordered Omega XL on June 8, 2014 through the internet primarily because of the unconditional money back guarantee. I tried the product for the period of time I was willing to without any positive results.

On July 14, 2014 from work I attempted to contact someone to cancel the recurring auto-shipment. I was promptly placed on hold via the usual automated systems all companies now have. The wait time was 8 minutes. Finally someone answered only to inform me after a series of several questions that he couldn't locate my order.

Although I had the invoice in hand and gave him all the numbers he couldn't locate my order. This individual then forwarded me to another number which was promptly answered by another automated system placing me on hold with a wait time of 15 minutes. Finally a *** named Roger Coleman answered the phone. I attempted to explain to him that I wanted to cancel the product since I believed it wasn't working for me.

Roger repeatedly tried to tell me I didn't give the product enough time to work he knew because he's been taking the product and it works for him. Finally I hung up the phone. Approximately 5 minutes later Roger (***) called me back reiterating the garbage he tried to feed me the first time. I hung up once again.

I immediately called my credit card company and filed a complaint.

The company Great HealthWorks the company listed on my invoice is terrible. There is no guarantee as posted.

Ed Nemeth

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How to stop them from continuing to bill you for Omega XL!

If anyone reading this wishes to do business with us they may pay with any of the methods described. Omega XL offers clinical testing to prove the greater efficacy of our product and its ingredients.
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If you are not happy with Omega XL and want to stop the monthly charges, act immediately by going to your bank and asking them to cancel your debit card (never use a credit card when ordering anything). When they cancel your debit card, they will issue you a new one and it will have a different number but still attached to the same account.

When XL people try to take money from that account, they will not be able to do it. It will bounce back to them. NEVER GIVE ANYONE YOUR ACCOUNT NUMBER. But you can change your debit card and stop them from collecting your money.

If you want to try something else, here is another suggestion. Go to your nearest drug store and purchase a cash card from Visa for the exact amount or a little more for the product you want to buy and try out. Do not any more money into that prepaid Visa account and they are UNABLE to draw any funds from it! My advice is to ALWAYS buy any supplement you believe is good for you (do your research) from GNC or something other supplement or health store.

Buy the product when you want it. They may not sell Omega XL, but you can bet there is another product with the same strength and more pure or GNC could not remain in business. I get everything (vitamins and a few supplements) from GNC. If they don't work, I don't work, don't buy another bottle.

Get the word out that ALL OFFERS ON TV OR ON THE RADIO will suck money from your banking account.


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OMEGA XL - Refund Problem? - Go to Facebook

Those that have issues with Omega XL are welcome to contact the service professionals in our Customer Advocacy Group at 1-800-6070419 or via email at
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These companies, such as Omega XL, who make it impossible to get the refunds they guarantee should be stopped. One way to start to force them to do what they said they would do is to flood their social media sites.

Most companies have several social media sites. For example, go to Omega XL's Facebook page and write your experience. If they don't allow you to post on their wall, write your experience in their comments section.

Maybe even write it in the comments in several of their posts. You may find that they will contact you to try to resolve your issue.

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Omega XL has hundreds of thousands of satisfied customer who continue to purchase our product monthly. There are thousands of testimonials to both our product quality and our customer service. If you wish to discuss your refund we recommend calling the service professionals in our Customer Advocacy Group at 1-800-607-0419 or via email at
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Myself, my Wife and my Mummy used OmegaXL for joint and backpain. It does not work for any of us.

The company simply make false claims and exploiting many people. On the second month, I requested my my money back, they told me I have to use it for 3 months to get the money back. On the third month when I requested my money back for non effective supplement , I was told that I have exceeded 3month therefore I cannot get my money back. The people at this company are just bunch of trick stars, they are *** men.

I have to write this to protect other people from being exploited this way. They completely refused to give me a refund for non effective product even though they pitch this in their product presentation. in conclusion, this company is dangerous to the public, and their product is completely in effective as demonstrated by 3 people using it in my household .

They make false promises of refund they just want to continue to extort the public. They must be stoped.