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We’re sorry to learn that losing your position with us has been so difficult for you. The situations you describe do not even resemble our policies, but appear to be excuses for bad behavior that, like any company, we are sometimes obliged to discipline. As you have chosen to remain anonymous, we cannot make reference to your record with us.
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Here's the naked truth I worked there, the agents are PAID to talk you out of canceling OR THEY MAKE NO COMMISSION!

Every word is a lie. They take OVER 4 weeks to process a refund and much usually longer to inflate their balance sheets.

When they run out of product they charge the account anyway and ship it 3 weeks later by BULK MAIL. So add another 10-14 days.

If you send the product back and dont call to follow up THERE IS NO REFUND!

Stay far far away. The CFO is the business manager from the Broward County billion dollar Scott Rothstein Scam.

Run don't walk in the opposite direction! TOTAL SCAM!

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I would like to speak with you Whitefish if possible -- my name is Bob Norman and I'm a TV reporter working on a story about Omega XL/Great Healthworks. You can reach me at 954-632-4343. Thanks!


thank you for that information, i was searching the web and ran into your comments

Eau Claire, Wisconsin, United States #665983

I will bet anyone $1,000,000 that 99% of the positive reviews for this **** product, are done by employees of Omega XL. The garbage doesn't work.

I wouldn't be surprised if it's just a placebo. RUN RUN RUN AWAY... this is a HUGE scam. These ***-of-the-earth people know that individuals with chronic pain are more likely to try anything in desperation, just to get some relief.

Easy targets, if-you-will.

Don't fall for it.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #598217

This stuff is FAKE!! Took it for 4 months..

Not a bit of help! When I called to cancel it took forever because all they did was keep PUSHING to NOT cancel. Then I DID NOT get a refund on shipments I sent back. They wanted to send them back free of charge but yet still bill me again for them!

Terrible product and horrible "policies" Do not believe in this scam..!! I told them it didn't do 1 thing to make me feel better and they said I have to take it longer... It CLAIMED results in 90 days. There were no results in 6 months!


Don't be fooled. They are scammers in every sense of the meaning!!

Greenville, South Carolina, United States #582969

a joke pricey and DOES NOT WORK


ya all make me chuckle...I use it with magnificent results for my arthritis. Good for some, not for others...but please stop all this bashing.

This is not good.

They sure didn't 'force' me to buy it a friend told me about it and when I gave it a try it worked wonderfully well. Wish it were cheaper.


Notice how jokes like this make lots of claims but none of them have been been supported/evaluated by the FDA??? What that means is they can make any bs claim they want cause their junk is "all natural" and hasn't met any medical standard.

Don't fall for it!

to Rusty Trombone #571896

The FDA only evaluates drugs. Omega XL is not a drug.

Therefore the FDA does not evaluate it.

However Omega XL abides by all of the standards that the FDA would require drug companies to abide by.




Tried this product and found it to be very beneficial. So far I have no complaints.


I have been taking this product since April and it hasn't helped at all. When I tried to cancel a month ago I was pressured to extend to this month and now it's past the refund time frame. If I had to do it over again I wouldn't.


Hi All

I;am trying it, and have all ready had wonderful results/ Sorry some of you have had a hard time, like pastor said forgive and move on


Whitefish seems to be very angry at a company that treated them badly; but that is not a reason to bah them. I too have been hurt by a company that I faithfully worked for 13 yrs, but I am not going to bash them.

Life goes on; take the hit, forgive and move on, life is too short.

I agree with Edie and Loretta, kudos to them for the excellent advice. I will give it a try.


I will try it,If it works, super! If not, cancel, and if they continue to ship and charge your card, you can block the charge!

Make sure you keep your cancelation documentation, so you can provide proof to your card company! You lose nothing!


Thanks soooo much for the comments. I was going to purchase but I hate it when you have it takes the same day to debit their funds and 14 + days to refund because you never know when an emergency may prop up and need to cancell asap but can't and began to get all these overdraft fees.


I am so thankful I found this site. I, too, saw this advertised on a Christian program--and almost called in to order, but decided to investigate before going further.

The complaints seen here have been convincing enough to persuade me to keep my money in my pocket, instead of wasting it on another "snake oil". Too, I don't like high pressure from any company, so this was another reason to deter me.

I guess the old saying is true, "If it seems too good to be true, it usually is!" Thanks for all of the honest comments I have read here. Keep up the good work, and I will refer this site to many of my friends.


Thanks alot for the helpful reviews!!! It has helped me to make a decision before buying,I appreciate that!!!


If you want to try it without the risk of having to try and cancel just but it one ebay.


:p I just ordered this product. I hope it works. I am going to trust that it will.


I was wary to purchase this. Having heard a pastor give testimony to it's ability to heal, rather than his prayers as he normally does, I decided to try it.

I must say that within two weeks I received significant results.

I will always consider my Jesus first, but don't bash it when it does good. It may help you someday.