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Hello! Good Morning!

I was laying in bed when the infamous commercial or shall I say people of God endorsing junk. If anyone has paid any attention to the fact that all but one person is sitting and really not doing much moving in those seats. But again they had dancers in the back ground that really had nothing to do with the omega xl, but we we're suppose to believe that it really works. I a skeptic about everything so it's hard to get me to buy anything and majority of the time I don't even purchase medicine prescribed by my own doctor.

Just so everyone will know I have real bad lower back pain, last year I suffered from a real bad cough and could nearly breath on top of that after I would eat I would start coughing and choking real bad to the point that I had fractured a rib, not to mention of other pains in my body.

Thanks for reading. God Bless!!!!!!!

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Seattle, Washington, United States #880343

Wow that's crazy because I'm watching the omegaXL commercial right now. I suffer.

From rheumatoid arthritis and I'm in pain everyday, especially in my knees so it's hard to walk.or even bend over. So I think it sad to get people's hope up knowing that the world is In a great deal of pain and just want relief.

I'm glad I read your story. ..thank you÷