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Dear Anonymous,

We are sorry to learn that Omega XL has not worked for you and the personal difficulties that you are currently facing in your life. Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience you may have experienced with respect to your inability to receive your refund. We are an A rated company with the Southeast Better Business Bureau and a gold sponsor member. We have been in operation for over 8 years and are proud of our record. Our company processes millions of transactions a year, including transactions which pay refunds to our customers. We take pride in ensuring our customer’s satisfaction. We also have thousands of testimonials from very happy customers who have received various benefits from using our product. Sadly, we failed to meet your expectations as well as ours. While we strive to handle each and every account in the best possible manner, unfortunately we are not perfect and mistakes can happen, despite our thorough efforts. We have a dedicated Customer Advocacy Department that would be happy to attend to your needs directly and address any concerns or issues you are having and resolve them appropriately. We encourage you to contact them directly at and we will address this immediately.
North Bergen, New Jersey

OmegaXL - product does not work and company refuses to refund money although product was returned and they acknowledged receipt of returned product. DISHONEST.

This product is supposed to be good for several complaints, of which it did not work - high blood pressure, palpitations, heart problems, cholesterol, etc. I am reporting them to the Better Business Bureau. After taking 3 bottles of their products I am still having the same problems.

They should be stopped from taking peoples money under false pretenses. I am not the only one that is very dissatisfied with their products .

Please help to stop this false advertisments.

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My husband bought this product and was told by the agent that it will help with his sinus problems. NOT!!! Are you guys telling me I won't get my money back?


You need to realize that just because it didn't work for you and some others, doesn't mean it's that way for everyone. It is subjective per individual. You won't get far complaining to BBB.


I just saw an TV informational on this product earlier today and it may have been in one of the Christian TV stations. The testimonials seem so believable that I may place an order for the product for my father.

He was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease and also suffer from chronic flair ups of psoriasis, gout, back pains,muscle aches,etc. I'll ask him for permission to order and try out the product. I would hate to disappoint my 87 year old father if the product doesn't deliver the results that the manufacturer and researcher/developer claims.

The bottom line is I'd like to know what is the real percentage of success in relieving pain and suffering using this product. Remember - honesty is the best policy.


My elderly neighbor purchased Omega XL for the extreme pain she was having in her face.

She did take it as the durections told. DID NOT TAKE THE PAIN AWAY.

I called Omega XL as did the others. I spoke with a man, who had every excuse in the world why it wasn't working. He stated thats why they give a 90 money back guarantee. He said it may take 90 days for the inflammation to go down then the product would work.

Never heard of inflammation taking that long to go down.

Kept me on phone for 20 minutes, before he agreed to close her account & refund the money. He also said it would take 2 weeks for the money to be back in her account.

If it's not there, there will be a stop payment on her account for that company only. And their bank said they will go after the company for the money. The bank is doing this free of charge. Also complaint to the BBB.