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Omega XL has hundreds of thousands of satisfied customer who continue to purchase our product monthly. It is unfortunate that you have chosen to deny yourself the inflammation relieving benefits of our product on the strength of anonymous internet postings.

Thanks folk who submitted a complaint about Omega XL. I just watched the commercial that had Larry King in it so I was thinking umm all natural and wondering the price. I'd plan to take The Omega XL and also introduce this product to my husband who is a diabetic feet problems and me having high blood pressure we both have constant aches threw out our bodies.

Relief here it is with Omega XL. Thank God theirs a site the public can go to a get educated on different products and folk type away Thank God that's the approach I go to before purchasing anything concerning not only our health our dog's. I appreciate that and took the necessary step to say OH *** No.

Happy Thanksgiving to All

Mrs. McK

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Tlajomulco De Z, Jalisco, Mexico #972855

You complainers are just Scams making this very well structured and fabricated and only in its product. Can't afford it?

Your issue does it help?

Thank God I does I've been on it for over a year @ first I t increased the dosage thinking it wouldnt help and thank God it did. Now you big complainers need to shut it.

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #929105

OK no one is commenting on product. Just there account.

They sell it in Walmart. I just saw commercial and decided to Google reviews and no comments about the product doing what it says.

to marky Elmhurst, Illinois, United States #929140

thanks ill go to walmart