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Vancouver, British Columbia
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warning: I have never delt with a more insufficient and disorganized company in my life. I had ordered product for my Granddaughter because she was in great pain due to inflammation and after 6 months and increasing the dosage as recommended by XL there was no improvement to her health.

I also referred this product to someone else and again no significant change in there health.

I was to receive a referral check from great health works which took over 5 months and so many phone calls that I lost track. every person I talked to said they would look into the situation but no cheque. I think they thought I would go away, not a chance. I finally started to harass them and insisted on talking to a supervisor. cheque issued but sent to the wrong address ?. I finally received my cheque but I will never deal with this company again

Great Health also shipped product to me even after I had cancelled my order and I had to go threw the same scenario as I did before to get my money back. I finally have my life back, but what a fight. " BE WARNED "

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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Hallandale Beach, Florida, United States #854940

That product is total ***. I don't see how Larry could endorse that. I would advise anyone to stay the *** away.