Staten Island, New York

I ordered Omega XL after watching it on t.v. late one night.

Needless to say they duped me into automatic renewal by offering me a free magazine subscription. Never in my life did I think it would be so hard to cancel. I spent nearly two hours on the phone in 2 total instances trying to cancel. They claim to have cancelled my subscription but since I sent the unused bottles back they've started calling me again.

I may have to cancel my card because if I get another $90 charge this month I am going to lose it. Then again there would go any chance at a refund if the card is changed.

From other stories I've read however the total refund is going to be nowhere near the charges as they will subtract for shipping, handling, and processing.

Monetary Loss: $153.

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Larimer, Pennsylvania, United States #819508

Remember if you cancel the card and get a new one, the credits will still come back on the old card and transfer to your account. Don't have to tell them you got a new card. Don't give the new card to them.

Newark, New Jersey, United States #804160

I'm glad I didn't order omega XL cause after reading all these reviews I c :( an see it's a scam.

Woodbury, New Jersey, United States #792112

All these comments are absolutely helpful!

Staten Island, New York, United States #775035

After one month I was refunded a total of $135 in two separate payments. After all is said and done I am out just $15, but boy was that annoying.