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OmegaXL has hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers who purchase our product every month to relieve joint pain due to inflammation. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction. We offer a Money Back Guarantee for the first 90 days following the initial order and process refunds daily. We are always disappointed when customers rely on negative, mostly anonymous, internet postings rather than the many positive customer reviews and testimonials. The service professionals in our Customer Advocacy Group contacted you to address your concerns. Should you wish to talk with us to learn more about OmegaXL’s benefits, our 90 day money back guarantee or return policy, please contact us at 1-800-607-0419 or
Valrico, Florida

buyer beware. I was almost convinced into a purchase however after reading all of the available reviews I decided that the unsatisfied customers were very much more convincing than the testimonials.

Glad I saved my money and shame on Larry King for his contribution to the deception. I am certain that his presence was a factor in many purchases made. The concept and results of this product may very well be true however if the trust in both customer service and the return experience is not fulfilled, the result can be very unkind to the product. I am not willing to trust them that much.

During the infomercial it was asked why it was not made available in stores. I now believe the real answer lies in the return policy.

At a local drug store, the product would have been returned with less fuss. I'm very glad that all I lost was a half hour of my life watching the infomercial.

Reason of review: Poor reviews.

I didn't like: Misleading advertisements, Poor customer service, Cancellation process, Consumer reviews.

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