I get cramps in my legs all the time. When I started taking OmegaXL, the cramps lessened. OmegaXL has helped me in other ways. I also appreciate the size of the OmegaXL capsules, which are much easier to swallow. Josephine H.
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OmegaXL helped the stiffness in my legs and my back muscles. I also had stiffness in the back of my neck. OmegaXL has helped decrease the stiffness. The muscles in my back are more relaxed and my legs are less stiff. Judy B.
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I have joint pains all over my body. I cannot say enough good things about OmegaXL. OmegaXL helped me walk and move much easier. I am swimming three times a week. I can also climb steps and do everything else much easier. Jeannette C.
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I find that OmegaXL has helped me. My inflammation and pain has decreased. I like that OmegaXL is easy to swallow with no fishy aftertaste. Seeta R.
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OmegaXL has helped my shoulder pain. I could not pick anything up or lift my arm past my shoulder. I still have a little bit of pain, but my shoulder is doing much better with OmegaXL. Scott S.
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I have pain and what I found in taking OmegaXL my arms do not ache as much. As being a chef I had a lot of abuse in my elbows from lifting pots and pans and OmegaXL helps with my throbbing pain in my elbows and knees. Victoria M.
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I was experiencing a lot of pain in my joints. My joints started feeling better after taking OmegaXL. I have signed up to go back to the gym and exercise. Harriet S.
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OmegaXL has been really awesome. After taking Omega XL, I can wash my RV, go out for a walk, and I can get out of bed without falling. John H.
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By taking OmegaXL, It has helped to relieve the pain in my lower back. Before, I would have to stop whatever I was doing and sit due to the pain and also it was painful to stand and walk. Now, I am able to stand and walk and resume my daily activities with less pain....
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Before I started taking OmegaXL, I was experiencing some unbearable pain from the swelling of my knee and elbows. Since I have been taking Omega XL, it has helped to reduce the pain in my elbow, and also it has helped to improve my energy level. Now, I am able to do my...
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