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Resolved: Omega Xl - Waiting to temporarily stop shipment and payment...

The service professionals in our Customer Advocacy Group called you and you indicated that you found the long wait on our customer service telephones to be frustrating. We’re sorry to learn that you had difficulty reaching us. Of course, telephone traffic will be heavy from time to time, and when a customer has this kind of difficulty we recommend communication with us via email. The agent you spoke with has deferred your next order until June 23, 2016 and offered you a future discount, as well. You seemed pleased. We hope that we may continue to be of service in the future.
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Need to stop shipping and auto payment for a while and can't get help after too much time waiting on phone.
Preferred solution
Stop shipment and auto payment from my authorized credit card until I use up my surplus bottles and start ordering it again.

I have spent over 47 minutes waiting on the phone for someone to answer so that I could temporarily stop shipment and the auto deduction from my credit card ASAP. I have just sent GHW customer service this online. I am waiting to see if the online service is better than their phone nonservice.

I LOVE the product, but for various reasons, I have 6 or more of these bottles backed up from previous shipments. I have been using only 1-2 pills a day, even though I realize that 2 should be the minimum. I am retired now and can't really afford paying for these supplements every month when I don't need them. I intend to start using them again in the future, but right now I need GHW to stop the shipments and the charges on my previously authorized credit card. At this point, I am not that positive that GHW will even respond to my online request.

I hope this problem is handled as well as the last one was handled and then I will certainly write a follow-up review praising GHW's online customer service. The phone service is terrible, and has been for years, even when I clicked on the option to order more of the product. No phone # should be listed if there is such poor service available. It is like false advertising, and this high quality product should be above that. Integrity and consistent good service is the key to ongoing success...

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Resolved: Omega Xl - Got two memberships unknowingly

Please contact our customer advocacy department at 1-800-607-0419 ext. 3188. It seems that you may have confused our company with another product you are purchasing. We do not offer a free membership for Omega XL. There would be no need to leave your home as the Omega XL product is shipped direct to consumer. We don’t offer a travel club and we don’t charge $1.95 for any registration fees. Please contact our customer advocacy department so we can properly assist you in handling this matter.
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Poor customer service
Preferred solution
Full refund

My sister called for Omega XL. She thought it would be a help.

The customer rep kept saying she could try free memberships FOR FREE. It's FREE! It's FREE! When I talked to Andrea there, she said they always tell the customer about the programs three times.

But my sister has medical problems and doesn't want to go anywhere too far from our why would she try a travel club???? We don't buy much because we don't have much why would she try a buying club? We got the memberships canceled but we lost..we got two $1.95 taken from us for registration fees.

Well, why didn't Omega XL tell my sister that there is a non-refundable fee? I was told the monitor would call me back today with the recording of what my sister said (and what THEY said) but I still haven't heard from anyone!

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