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I am pissed | Omega Xl review from New York, New York

As you have not included your name, we are unable to look into your files or offer any assistance. If you wish to discuss your concerns, please contact our Customer Advocacy Group at 1-800-607-0419, or via email at
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Omega XL is fraud i sign on to receive the product after a while i called them to cancel however omega xl refused they continue charging my account even after i cancelled and they did not send the product because i refuse given them my new address which they did not have in there file and still they refuse to refund back my money.They said they where going to review the matter and call me back. This company should not be taking people money forcefully. I you dont want the product they should take it back if they truly believe there product is good and they have a market for it.

VERY PLEASED - EXPENSIVE=RESULTS | Omega Xl review from Van Nuys, California

Omega XL is an expensive product to take but it DOES & HAS WORKED for me. I just turned early 50s and have been experiencing sudden shoulder and heel pains in the last few years. Omega works the BEST so far. I've seen prompt results within 24 hours and even though I intend to find a cheaper product, I know I can fall back on this one if all else fails. I guess the only other thing I'll say is that I believe we are what we eat and when eating mostly whole foods (fresh & raw) is part of one's diet, there is less chance of ailments/diseases forming in our bodies. I look forward to posting on here once I successfully achieve self-healing simply because of healthy eating (no more bodily pains and discomforts), all the while commending Omega XL for helping me along the way! Thanks OXL:)
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I purchased a bottle of Omega 3 by Life's Abundance | Omega Xl review from Los Angeles, California

We are not “Life’s Abundance” and the product you are referring to is not ours. Omega XL has hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers who continue purchasing it on a monthly basis. They have sent thousands of testimonials to both the quality of our product and our customer service.
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I purchased a bottle of omega 3's by Life's is suppose to be of the highest quality...I use plastic cups.... and rinse them out and reuse them...I poured water into the cup after I had used it for these omega 3'a and to my big surprise...water went every where.

I looked in the bottom of the cup and there was a big hole where these omega 3 had eaten away the cup!!! I tried it 2 more times...with new cups just to be sure...I was so surprised! Can you believe it? This is what I put in my body????

What type of chemical is this...the only other chemical was a "tangerine flavor" and did not elaborate.....Buyer beware!!!

Good product!! | Omega Xl review from Milwaukee, Wisconsin

I was in a bike wreck. I did not notice a difference in the artritis where I had breaks. What was significantly!!! improved was the range of motion on my knee where I had tendon repair on leg by my knee. It was like someone oiled the joint. I noticed it only toward the end when I increased the dose to four a day as recommended. It is expensive, but it is the only one that worked. I also tried flexicin?? from the internet and noticed Ino improvement at all. I am disappointed at finding that so many have had problems with the company as I found it on Trinity Broadcast Network.
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Omega XL

We’re pleased to learn that you are happy with our product. Many of our customer testimonials include high praise for our customer service, as well. As we do not provide our product for others to sell on a retail basis, we are not certain of the efficacy of your advice.
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I'm just informing the complainers to buy the product through QVC and you only get what you ordered. If you would use common sense you would know to never buy from infomercial, They won't cancel.

With QVC, if you want more of the product, you have to order every single time. You complainers are not the brightest crayons, quite obviously! Omega XL is a wonderful product when used correctly. Any time you want any product you see on TV, get online, go to QVC, and order the product through them.

It's that simple. Follow this advice and you won't be unhappy.

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Omaga XL the biggest rip off ever | Omega Xl review from Fort Myers, Florida

We have no record of a customer with your name. As a result, it is impossible for us to review your transactions with Great HealthWorks. Should you wish to discuss your issue with us we recommend contacting the service professionals in our Customer Advocacy Group at 1-800-488-8082, or via email at
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Omaga XL advertizes on TV about how great a product it is. It isn't!

It is suppose to fight inflamation but I developed tendonitis while on the drug for over 3 months. It has no effect at all on inflamation of the joints or tendons or any other area of the body. I do believe in taking omega 3 supplements but not Omega XL. It cost way to much and offer no benefit that a much cheaper product would give you.

I tried to get my money back but they say that since I waited past the 90 days that I could not get it back. Save your money and stay away from Omega XL.

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Total Ripoff | Omega Xl review from Fort Lauderdale, Florida

As stated in our advertising, Omega XL is manufactured from the oil of the green lipped mussel, Perna canaliculus, aqua cultured in the pristine waters of New Zealand. We do not state that we use fish oil. As the reviewer has chosen to remain anonymous we are unable to ascertain the basis for his dissatisfaction. If he would like to address his concerns, he is welcome to call our Customer Advocacy Group at 1-800-607-0419 or via email at
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I called to try and find out what else is in the Omega XL. On the ccompany's little add posted above the complaints, they actually say this is FISH OIL.

Meanwhile they advertise that it is NOT fish oil but some "green lipped muscle" oil from New Zealand!

They are BUSTED! plain ole fish oil that you can get wAy cheaper and with non of this auto ship *** they try to force you into or else you pay more money.

I plan on telling eveyone i know not to buy this product and the few who do to save their money.

Omega XL Ken Meares Personal Experience

Ken Meares, I had the pleasure to meet him personally and just wanted to simply comment on the character of Ken Meares. Ken personally spent over an hour with me and I must say that if someone is talking negatively about Ken Mears it is simply slander. If you heard negative things about him and his companies, I would venture to say that it is his competetitors out there trying to trash a man that has done ground breaking things in his career. I have met with CEO's of major companies and I assure you that Ken Mears is in a league of his own. I only took the time to say this because as I was on the internet and saw someone who was trashing him and I truly feel like he is above responding to nonsense but I thought I should express my personal feelings about Ken Meares.
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Placed order then changed my mind and canceled order | Omega Xl review from San Jose, California

As you have chosen to remain anonymous, we are unable to review your account and offer to address your concerns. We recommend contacting the service professionals in our Customer Advocacy Group at 1-800-607-0419 or via email at
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I ordered this product. Spoke to a rep and she was so concern about my injury and how this product can help with my pain.

She stated that she can give me a much better deal, but she will need to instant message her supervisor for approval. She said instead of charging me 49.95 I will be charged 39.95. And that I can cancel anytime with no questions asked. I was convinced.

After thinking about it I went on the internet and seen some really disappointing reviews. I called back and canceled it. I was told by the rep that my order was canceled.

I called my bank to insure that they do not charge my card. To find out that they did charge my card and shipped without my approval.

Omega Xl Order Review from Hollywood, Florida

Omega XL - I am a pissed consumer that I did not find out about Omega XL sooner. ******* & ********** of Omega XL have been around for years but I just started taking the product 6 weeks ago. I am a pissed consumer that I did not find out about this sooner. I am going to take it for 90 days but must say that I already notice a significant difference after only 6 weeks. I am glad that ******** ****** & ******* ******** are not conceling the source. I am pissed that Omega XL has been around so long and I just found out about it now!
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