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Dont buy OmegaXL scammers they wont let you cancel

We’re sorry to learn that losing your position with us has been so difficult for you. The situations you describe do not even resemble our policies, but appear to be excuses for bad behavior that, like any company, we are sometimes obliged to discipline. As you have chosen to remain anonymous, we cannot make reference to your record with us.
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Here's the naked truth I worked there, the agents are PAID to talk you out of canceling OR THEY MAKE NO COMMISSION!

Every word is a lie. They take OVER 4 weeks to process a refund and much usually longer to inflate their balance sheets.

When they run out of product they charge the account anyway and ship it 3 weeks later by BULK MAIL. So add another 10-14 days.

If you send the product back and dont call to follow up THERE IS NO REFUND!

Stay far far away. The CFO is the business manager from the Broward County billion dollar Scott Rothstein Scam.

Run don't walk in the opposite direction! TOTAL SCAM!


I would like to speak with you Whitefish if possible -- my name is Bob Norman and I'm a TV reporter working on a story about Omega XL/Great Healthworks. You can reach me at 954-632-****. Thanks!


thank you for that information, i was searching the web and ran into your comments


I will bet anyone $1,000,000 that 99% of the positive reviews for this **** product, are done by employees of Omega XL. The garbage doesn't work.

I wouldn't be surprised if it's just a placebo. RUN RUN RUN AWAY... this is a HUGE scam. These ***-of-the-earth people know that individuals with chronic pain are more likely to try anything in desperation, just to get some relief.

Easy targets, if-you-will.

Don't fall for it.


This stuff is FAKE!! Took it for 4 months..

Not a bit of help! When I called to cancel it took forever because all they did was keep PUSHING to NOT cancel. Then I DID NOT get a refund on shipments I sent back. They wanted to send them back free of charge but yet still bill me again for them!

Terrible product and horrible "policies" Do not believe in this scam..!! I told them it didn't do 1 thing to make me feel better and they said I have to take it longer... It CLAIMED results in 90 days. There were no results in 6 months!


Don't be fooled. They are scammers in every sense of the meaning!!


a joke pricey and DOES NOT WORK


ya all make me chuckle...I use it with magnificent results for my arthritis. Good for some, not for others...but please stop all this bashing.

This is not good.

They sure didn't 'force' me to buy it a friend told me about it and when I gave it a try it worked wonderfully well. Wish it were cheaper.


Notice how jokes like this make lots of claims but none of them have been been supported/evaluated by the FDA??? What that means is they can make any bs claim they want cause their junk is "all natural" and hasn't met any medical standard.

Don't fall for it!


The FDA only evaluates drugs. Omega XL is not a drug.

Therefore the FDA does not evaluate it.

However Omega XL abides by all of the standards that the FDA would require drug companies to abide by.




Tried this product and found it to be very beneficial. So far I have no complaints.


I have been taking this product since April and it hasn't helped at all. When I tried to cancel a month ago I was pressured to extend to this month and now it's past the refund time frame. If I had to do it over again I wouldn't.


Hi All

I;am trying it, and have all ready had wonderful results/ Sorry some of you have had a hard time, like pastor said forgive and move on


Whitefish seems to be very angry at a company that treated them badly; but that is not a reason to bah them. I too have been hurt by a company that I faithfully worked for 13 yrs, but I am not going to bash them.

Life goes on; take the hit, forgive and move on, life is too short.

I agree with Edie and Loretta, kudos to them for the excellent advice. I will give it a try.


I will try it,If it works, super! If not, cancel, and if they continue to ship and charge your card, you can block the charge!

Make sure you keep your cancelation documentation, so you can provide proof to your card company! You lose nothing!


Thanks soooo much for the comments. I was going to purchase but I hate it when you have it takes the same day to debit their funds and 14 + days to refund because you never know when an emergency may prop up and need to cancell asap but can't and began to get all these overdraft fees.


I am so thankful I found this site. I, too, saw this advertised on a Christian program--and almost called in to order, but decided to investigate before going further.

The complaints seen here have been convincing enough to persuade me to keep my money in my pocket, instead of wasting it on another "snake oil". Too, I don't like high pressure from any company, so this was another reason to deter me.

I guess the old saying is true, "If it seems too good to be true, it usually is!" Thanks for all of the honest comments I have read here. Keep up the good work, and I will refer this site to many of my friends.


Thanks alot for the helpful reviews!!! It has helped me to make a decision before buying,I appreciate that!!!


If you want to try it without the risk of having to try and cancel just but it one ebay.


:p I just ordered this product. I hope it works. I am going to trust that it will.


I was wary to purchase this. Having heard a pastor give testimony to it's ability to heal, rather than his prayers as he normally does, I decided to try it.

I must say that within two weeks I received significant results.

I will always consider my Jesus first, but don't bash it when it does good. It may help you someday.


Wow Some people "Annae" need to to relax and not act like it is her product. Getting ripped off sucks.

Why should you have to jump through hoops to get your money back. You shouldn't have to cancel your credit card or report this company if they didn't suck!!!!

Thanks everyone for telling the truth because the commercial acts like it's a amazing product and now I no the only amazing thing is the scam!!!! SHAME ON YOU!!!!!


I have been treated very well when I haved called customer service. Yes they do try to get you to continue taking the product but having given them my explanation as to why I cannot they cancelled my order.

I have to wait and see if this is so. Kudo's to Omega XL customer reps.


I took Omega XL for 2 days, broke out in an all over rash with swelling in hands and face especially around my eyes. The advertising does not say that the product is shellfish.

I had to go to the Dr. for a shot of Prednisone and an Rx for same.

Would not recommend it for anyone with a shellfish allergy. Buyer beware!


:cry I've tried to cancel 2x now and each time they have delayed sending the product for six months. This time they dropped the pricing to manager's special and threw in a free bottle... eeerrrr




By the way, the girl that canceled for me also ask if i was interested in the 90 day cash back guarantee. Now I have to say that they treated me very well.



i called and cancelled in about 2 minutes time. No problem at all.



Hey what can I say ...I don't work for the co. but the product works for me...has for over a year.

I take two per day and some people take up to 8 per day depends on the pain level. So there! What ya gonna do,... Also I am testing another product and it is also working.

Same stuff inside the cap's. I'll share if you wish.






If they charge your card unauthorized, the card company will dispute the amount, and credit your card back. If you think they will, tell your company (card) you want a new card with a new number, they will send it in about 5 days.

Then they cannot charge anymore. HELLO !!! You have to outsmart these people and not lay victim to them.

Ya all act like you do not know how to deal with these people and the card. Just report it to your card company !!!!!


alright seems like the customer service sucks ok get over it sum people arent very nice but no one is talking about the product itself does it work we dont care how much it cost if it works then its worth it but is it working or should we jus buy omega3 and fish oil from walgreens cud someone actually give us an answer


For some consumers, how a company treats it's employee's is as important as product quality or customer service, so the comments by former employees are relevant for many people.

I have worked at every level in the call center industry, from the front lines on the phone to being a VP of Technology. The only thing I never did was directly manage other workers on the phone, as I frankly don't have the stomach for it.

The sad truth is, with very rare exceptions, every call center, especially those connected with a mail order business, is managed horribly and is the only way in the USA to experience a small taste of the horror of factory working conditions overseas.


would some one please email me i need youre phone number asap please, brown2440@***.net thank you very much edna brown pgh pa , :)


i hate that so many are being charged with this and then cannot cancel. i have went through that with other companies and i know how it feels.

if it is just fish oil here in sc we go to GNC and get 100 pill for 2.99 try it .. it helps my momma.


Happy Customer, you must be one in management there. I have taken this for 6 months for my knee.

absolutely no diff than taking krill oil except thsi product is making me go broke. I actually HEARD, I assume a manager, tell the rep when I was on the phone in the background telling the poor guy, "jsut lower the price or defer him, but dont cancel!" Poor man was all flustered. I didn't cancel that day becuase i felt so bad for the poor soul.

I called back the next day and cancelled then...had to go through all kinds of BS before I was put on hold with an attitude, and the lady came back and said I was cancelled. You know I call the nnext day AGAIN to make sure!


you make caca


I hear u make caca


I would like to address this post and the posts there after.

1st of:

This article is not about if the product works as much as how the company treats it's employee's. I worked there too in the past and the things i have seen would turn anyone's hair white. The company fired an employee for not beeing able to work overtime due to having a child. They made up things to get ride of others. The owners down talk to their employee's and think they know everything better than others and don't let them do their jobs they have been hired for. They use you and abuse you and then get ride of you even if they have no reason and do everything possible to get you to quite so they dont have to pay unemployment. In short they do not take care of their employee's otherwise this backstabing mentality mentined in the original post would not happen.Cheating the system seems to be a daily need to make it or be able to get paid.

2nd of the product is made with fish oil not pure green lit muscle extract. Unfortunalty the wrong formulation of chemicals otherwise it would not rot in your stomach(fishi after taste, Burps). The product does not work as well as advertised. I have been on it and moved to a better product that is plant based and does not need chemicals. I dare Great HealthWorks to realease an ingredients list with quantities of each ingredient in it. this would surprise everyone and i am sure more people would switch. (this will never happen).

3rd I have never seen a company do so many things wrong. You should never give or re sell returned items as has been done here. The health risks are to great and legal remefications are enourmous if someone gets sick. You never know what someone did to the product before returning it (mad customer). Also you do not change the product and re sell it as a anilmal product without re formulating it just to save a buck and not have to get rid of old product . wonder how many dogs got sick in the past.

You can find better products out there that are cheaper and work better. You can find a better company to work for this one got to big for their own good to fast.


I am one of the people that you probably called at one point. I too am now a former employee.

I will say that the product itself is not horrible. However, the amounts DHA/EPA is VERY low compared to fish oil suppliments that are MUCH cheaper. Many of us asked about this, as some inteligent customers asked this question of us. I could not believe the answe. "Just tell them that it is proprietary information and you can not give that out"! Says on the bottle 100mg. Company says to ignore is the perna cannuliculus that makes all the difference......BS.

It is true that we only made money if we twist and turn whatever we have to to get customers not to cancel. Defer your order for up to 6 months! That way 6 months later you are not going to remember and you get shipped again. EVERY call is recorded, so that will be thrown in your face if you say you did not agree....yes you did.

The employees that work the phones are also not treated very well either, if that makes customersthat feel ripped off any better. Monday and Tuesdays only 1/2 hour lunch, with 1/2 hour mandatory OT. There are NO 15 minute breaks to be had on that floor, and you had better not have a small bladder that makes you need to use the restroom more than maybe 2-3 times a day.

They will even scam their own co-workers. If you call in and order from me and then callb ack even if it is just with a question, the next rep you speak with will bump up your auto refill schedule just by a few days so you get it sooner. This counts as them "upgrading" you, and they now get hte comission for the sale. Back stabbing is a company culture there.


I've been taking the product for almost a year now and the product has helped my knee tremendously! Actually, I was suppose to have surgery it was so bad, and now its pretty much back to normal.

Back and the gym and happy! No surgery!! Don't listen to them. It's a great product and they have great customer service.

I told them my price was too high that I couldn't afford and they put me in a better monthly arrangement to fit my budget. Would highly recommend!!!!


How much have they paid u to say that?


I ordered it and was set up for continual sending automatically and I said NO...just wanted to try it...waiting to see what happens and would like to hear from other buyers comments!


Your an ***! Of course their in it to make money...

but does the product work? That's the point!

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Charged me $19.95 for my call to them regarding Omega XL

If you did not provide a method of payment, such as a credit card, or a bank account, how might we have charged? As you have chosen to remain anonymous, it isn’t possible for us to review your account and try to help. If you wish to address your concerns, we recommend contacting our Customer Advocacy Group at 1-800-607-0419, or via email at
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Omega Xl Pills

Omega XL advertised anti-inflamatory pills for sale.

I did not purchase any but they still charged my bank account %19.95.

I only gave them my name and address no other info?! How'd they get the

other info?

How can I get the charge taken off and stop any more such charges?

The product involved is Omega XL anti-inflamatory pills. They are being

sold by a christian ministry organization on TV Channel HLN arround midnight or on late night TV.

I cant remember the name of the man or the lady on the program I'm truly

sorry! Could you please try to help me??????

They had a lady and a gentleman also on the program as guests.


I am glad I read the reviews.


I cant believe the comments that I've been reading why do you people continue to allow these people to go into your checking account? CLOSE THE DANG ACCOUNT geesh if that's the only thing you can do to stop them, then do it and open another account.

Just let your bank know why you're doing it. Plain and Simple


I was considering ordering this Product but with all the negative comments, I think I will pass. I have had those same experience with company's and that tells me all I need to know.

I know that the People on the other end of the phone are there to sell sell sell and keep you ordering but when the Company has a hard time refunding your money or canceling your order then that's a BUYER BEWARE enough for me.

Thank you to those of you that posted the comments to inform the general public.


Reducing or eliminating sugar products will control or eliminate pain in many parts of the body, especially jount/arthritis pain. Also, eat more raw/fresh fruit and vegetables and drink alkaline water. Amazing how dietary adjustments will turn disease into wellness.


Your first clue to this being a scam was: They are being sold by a christian ministry organization


Easy solution: Get a prepaid CC with a limit, to be used for these types of "free trials." Then thay CAN"T hurt you financially, even if it's your fault.


I tried the product and....had horrible headaches. I cancelled, returned the product and was told my refund would take 30 to 60 days????

Such a (what else than a rip-off) bunch of baloney. I accused them of possibly using my money and other customers also. I was then told (manager) that I would receive my refund in 3-5 days. That didn't happen.

I turned it over to my bank.

Good luck to you in resolving your issue with them. By the way, the price is now 59.90 including shipping.


I think it is sad that you are all so negative about this.

If you had spoken to them with some decency you may of had a n answer to your question,

LOt;s of things in America, have not followed the guide lines yet, stillhave been put on the shelves...


Omega xl is a scam. I called their 1-800 number to ask the exact ingredients, specifically what is the exact amount of the touted "PCSO-524." Read closely. The back of the bottle says 

"Omega Fatty Acids containing PCSO-524

(green lipped mussel oil extract)"

A highly touted exotic miracle ingredient with no FDA evaluation is a dead giveaway of nutrition supplement scams. A well conceived scam will creatively hide the lack of true ingredients on the label; omega xl doesnt even go that far. It specifically says that each 300 mg serving "contains" PCSO-524. 

When I asked their customer service exactly how many mg of PCSO-524 is contained within a 300 mg serving, they first said "Im not sure." She placed me on hold for two minutes to find out. She came back to the phone and said 

"we dont have any literature or product info that says exactly how many milligrams of PCSO-524 are in a 300 mg serving, but we believe its the full 300 mg."

I reminded her that listed on the ingredients is olive oil which is a source of omega fatty acids. I told her with all due respect: youre unable to tell me exactly how much active ingredient is contained in each serving, I think you guys are putting trace amounts of actual active ingredient into an olive oil pill. 

She assured me that was not the case and said its definitely all active ingredient and the olive oil was in trace amounts and for easier swallowing.

I finally got her by bringing up marketing 101. I reminded her that her product has at least 100,000 dollars of marketing behind it. She agreed that they are well-marketed.  Marketing 101: communicate bankable selling points.  

There is no statement on the label, website, box, or a sales packet on the desk of their 1-800 operators that says "Pure PCSO-524." 

If each capsule were pure PCSO-524, that would be by far the most important selling point. She was speechless, and she knew she was caught BS'ing me.

Don't buy it, and please quietly  inform your unassuming friends and family who approach you with this scam so they can avoid further embarrassment.


The Omega XL website does not reveal anything about the actual ingredients or research sources - the FAQ section is a joke. There is only one patented prescription Omega 3 that doctors prescribe for heart patients - and most of those heart patients could do without it if they were willing to change their diets, learn to heal relationships and manage anger, sorrow & other stressors, and exercise 5 days a week for an hour.

Omega XL might have a patent but they do not give the patent number on the site. Looks "fishy" to me. You can easily get plenty of Essential Fatty Acids from your diet if you give up junk and processed foods, start eating nuts, vegetables, and certain fishes including sardines and anchovies. Omega XL is making "too good to be true" promises and the people on the infomercial are all very large and obviously don't eat well or exercise.

They may claim joint pain and stiffness limits their ability to exercise but the fact is they could go to the local YMCA and take water aerobics for people just like them. I personally know a 93 yo woman with terrible RA who does deep water aerobics 3xweek and stretching for older people in the water 2xweek. Look up the studies on how the "placebo effect" works - that is what is happening w/the starry eyed people you meet who claim they have found the "magic bullet" for health. THERE ARE NO MAGIC BULLETS EXCEPT FOR A VERY CLEAN CAREFULLY PLANNED DIET, PORTION CONTROL AT EVERY MEAL, AND VIGOROUS EXERCISE -PERIOD.

Although many of the infomercial and multi level marketing pills and juices actually HAVE certain essential oils and anti oxidants or whatever, they are outrageously expensive and cannot deliver what they promise any better than a good diet can. At the drugstore get a bottle of fish oil on a buy one get one free and MAKE SURE it breaks down the exact amount of EPA and DHA on the back of the bottle - if it does not, don't get it, just because the capsule is 1200 mg does not mean it is 1200mg of fatty acids. Also - DO NOT EVER ever ever ever - give your bank check card number to anyone over the phone for any reason. It is the same as writing a blank check made out to "Cash" and leaving it on a busy street corner.

If you are too young or do not have good enough credit for a credit card then you have no business buying anything by phone or online. This includes airline tickets, car rentals, hotel reservations etc because they will hold a deposit against damages and can cause you to bounce a dozen checks x $30 per bounced check. Credit cards have protections if a company charges it without your permission. The check card attached to your bank account has no such protection.

You can be wiped out and your friendly local banker cannot help you. Just because your bank check card says "Visa" or "MC" on it, it is simply not a credit card. If you give it out to a company like Omega XL or any other infomercial, magazine, email etc, etc, you will regret it. Be smart.

Most infomercials over-promise and under-deliver - so do emails form companies you never heard of. They make things sound special and different which actually can be bought at the drugstore or made at home. No matter who it is you are talking to, emailing, web site ordering, etc do not give your account number, birth date, SS# etc to any one for any reason unless you know for absolute certainty who it is and why they want the info. Some people fall for it when an "official" sounding person calls them to "confirm" their address and SS#/credit card# by giving the wrong # and will actually say "No, the correct number is....." to a perfect stranger!

I can't tell you how many people, 18 yo to 88 yo on limited incomes have ended up financially ruined because they used their bank check card as if it were a credit card or gave out personal info to a scammer on the phone or email. If you have limited funds, give yourself a weekly allowance from the ATM. Limited income and Low income people (and even some higher income people) who use the bank check card to buy a $4 coffee and muffin at the convenience store every day eventually lose track and end up overdrawn and end up paying $40 for each $4 coffee after the overdraft charges. Again, the only magic bullet for health is good genes to start with coupled with self control, daily physical activity, and a smart clean diet.

Good luck! :)

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