Omega XL

The product is great. No problems an no complaints. I feel better an more energized than before. There are alot of fraud an fake omega xl sellers. The geniune come company to get the real an honest product from is by GreatHealthWorks. If its not from them them dont get it. Like i said before no complaints no problems. Stuff works an is great. I am happy with the results and progress. Its helped me out asthma, skin, and energy wise. I keep a shipment coming. So pleased with it that Ive even referred it to my family and friends. Be sure to make sure its purchased from greathealthworks to reciece the true genuine product.
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Waldorf, Maryland
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I cancelled and they continued to bill me! Omega xl is a scam!

As you have chosen to remain anonymous, we are unable to review the details of your account and offer to address your concerns. We recommend contacting the service professionals in our Customer Advocacy Group at 1-800-607-0419 or via email at
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I ordered Omega XL and decided before the second shipment to cancel.I spent my time on the phone calling to cancel and they charged my account anyway. WTF!

Omega XL billed me anyway! Bad business and I hope that someone will do something to put a stop to this! After having a problem I decided to check out the internet to see if anyone else is having this type of problem. I learned an important lesson.

I will check on a company before I purchase anything else. If I had seen all the things on the internet about Omega XL I would have never bought it.

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Steagall I too had a similar situation where my billing was not cancelled correctly. However, Omega XL did fix the situation after I caught it a second time.

They were more than willing to fix and address the situation. I found this site when trying to cancel originally and I feel your frustration.

They customer service is pretty good be patient. They will fix it

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Omega XL lies. Invest in Deception & Fraud.

Great HealthWorks has reviewed this post. Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience you may have experienced with respect to your purchase of Omega XL. We take pride in ensuring our customer’s satisfaction. We have many thousands of loyal customers and thousands of positive testimonials reflecting positive results from using our product. We maintain a 90-day money back guarantee from a customer’s initial order date and process qualified refunds every month. We have a dedicated Customer Advocacy Department that would be happy to attend to your needs directly and address any concerns or issues you are having and resolve them appropriately. We encourage you to contact them directly at and we will address this immediately.
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They sent an order, that I didn't request. Told them I had placed it back in the mail.They said they'd credit my account when it got there.. 6mos later, they said they couldn't credit the money they took, but were returning the product to me. Scams, fraud,and thieves. Don't order, Run the other way. My bank said they couldn't help either... Ever feel like you've been had?Anyone want to buy some Omega XL? By the way, Erica and Doris are two representatives to avoid. They speak forked tongue. My bank said they couldn't deal with Omega,as they realized they were scamming the customer..


I had an issue with Omega XL reoccurring billing once. I called their customer service number in which I must say my experience was fair.

However, my billing issue was resolved and they now have me a customer again.

Once positive is you actually get to speak to a real person vs a machine. Over great customer service and great product!!!!


Thanks for the tip - you just saved me a big headache! ;)

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Class Action Lawsuit Anyone?

Omega XL is not offered on a “Free Trial” basis. We offer a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee from the date of the initial order. We also offer automatic shipments. We would review how Omega XL was offered to you, but you have chosen to remain anonymous, so we are unable to help. Should you wish to review your concerns with us, we recommend calling our Customer Advocacy Group at 1-800-607-0419, or via email at
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I decided to try OMEGAXL's free trial. The package came in the mail I was suprised to see two bottles.

I started taking it. After the first bottle, I got a call from a girl representing the company. She asked me how I liked it, and asked if I took it every day like I was supposed to. I told her "no I sometimes forget".

I just got done taking the second bottle, and there was another OMEGAXL package in the mail. I checked and made sure I wasn't past the 90 days of the free trial, took it up the post office. She told me to write refused on it, initial it. And she throw it back with the other mail. I thought it was done. Today I found another OMEGAXL package in my mail.

No more "free trials" for me. The companies don't want to abide by the rules of there trade agreement.

I already emailed them and threatened a Class Action Lawsuit.


These whole autopay things should be illegal in my opinion. I used to work for a credit card company, and the amount of people that I would speak to in regards to similar cases was astonishing.

Nobody ever reads the terms and conditions of a product before ordering anything anymore. Kinda sad that a company could put anything in those terms, and if people were *** enough to agree to them, it would be completely legal.


Are you kidding me? It is advertised as a buy one get one free with autoship, and it is a 90 day money back guarantee..not free trial offer.

So you decided to give the package back to the "oh so reliable" Postal Service with hopes the package made it back to them as oppose to actually calling the company whom which you ordered from? Just a thought maybe you took the wrong actions to begin with..just maybe.

I tried the product & didn't want the Autoship so I called & canceled with the same 800 customer service # that they provide when you initially order. Sometimes people are so quick to find fault with others but bypass their own misjudgements.


Just a note to say that this happened to us....with a different company. It is a scam of your money ...

not the product. The product itself is obtainable at your local vitamin shop. Change your account Immediately after receiving is the best advice I got ...

if I should ever be tempted to do such a dumb thing again. ugh


We live and learn don't beat yourself up and don't let idiots like some on this page bother you


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dont be a tool stay in school. you should be murder for being so dumb. i hope they drain your bank account :cry




I agree with the comments- they make it very clear on the website and on their infomercial that the buy one, get one comes with the autoship of a monthly supply. Just cancel.

They don't have any type of free trial at all- just the buy one get one on first order with autoship. They have several ways to correct this, just call them. Other post replies from their company list a customer advocate line you could also use.

Much easier than this route. Make sure you read things!


There will be no "class action lawsuit." Thankfully most people are smart enough to CANCEL THE TRIAL before the subscription begins. You are not, and did not.


This is totally your own fault. Why didn't you call them to cancel the subscription???

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Dishonest suppliers of omegaxl

Dear Anonymous,

We are sorry to learn that Omega XL has not worked for you and the personal difficulties that you are currently facing in your life. Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience you may have experienced with respect to your inability to receive your refund. We are an A rated company with the Southeast Better Business Bureau and a gold sponsor member. We have been in operation for over 8 years and are proud of our record. Our company processes millions of transactions a year, including transactions which pay refunds to our customers. We take pride in ensuring our customer’s satisfaction. We also have thousands of testimonials from very happy customers who have received various benefits from using our product. Sadly, we failed to meet your expectations as well as ours. While we strive to handle each and every account in the best possible manner, unfortunately we are not perfect and mistakes can happen, despite our thorough efforts. We have a dedicated Customer Advocacy Department that would be happy to attend to your needs directly and address any concerns or issues you are having and resolve them appropriately. We encourage you to contact them directly at and we will address this immediately.
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OmegaXL - product does not work and company refuses to refund money although product was returned and they acknowledged receipt of returned product. DISHONEST.

This product is supposed to be good for several complaints, of which it did not work - high blood pressure, palpitations, heart problems, cholesterol, etc. I am reporting them to the Better Business Bureau. After taking 3 bottles of their products I am still having the same problems.

They should be stopped from taking peoples money under false pretenses. I am not the only one that is very dissatisfied with their products .

Please help to stop this false advertisments.


My husband bought this product and was told by the agent that it will help with his sinus problems. NOT!!! Are you guys telling me I won't get my money back?


You need to realize that just because it didn't work for you and some others, doesn't mean it's that way for everyone. It is subjective per individual. You won't get far complaining to BBB.


I just saw an TV informational on this product earlier today and it may have been in one of the Christian TV stations. The testimonials seem so believable that I may place an order for the product for my father.

He was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease and also suffer from chronic flair ups of psoriasis, gout, back pains,muscle aches,etc. I'll ask him for permission to order and try out the product. I would hate to disappoint my 87 year old father if the product doesn't deliver the results that the manufacturer and researcher/developer claims.

The bottom line is I'd like to know what is the real percentage of success in relieving pain and suffering using this product. Remember - honesty is the best policy.


My elderly neighbor purchased Omega XL for the extreme pain she was having in her face.

She did take it as the durections told. DID NOT TAKE THE PAIN AWAY.

I called Omega XL as did the others. I spoke with a man, who had every excuse in the world why it wasn't working. He stated thats why they give a 90 money back guarantee. He said it may take 90 days for the inflammation to go down then the product would work.

Never heard of inflammation taking that long to go down.

Kept me on phone for 20 minutes, before he agreed to close her account & refund the money. He also said it would take 2 weeks for the money to be back in her account.

If it's not there, there will be a stop payment on her account for that company only. And their bank said they will go after the company for the money. The bank is doing this free of charge. Also complaint to the BBB.

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Did not take back a product

As you have chosen to remain anonymous, we are unable to review the details of your account and offer to address your concerns. We recommend contacting the service professionals in our Customer Advocacy Group at 1-800-607-0419 or via email at
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cancelled on the day of next shipment. It came in the mail and they won't take it back.

What a scam this co. is. Never will I do business with them again. Beware consumers, never dealt with any company like this, Shame on them!

Omega xl is not a loyal company. The product made me feel worse. All they said about what it is supposed to do doesn't. Wish I read the reviews on pissed off way before i got into this.

I think they need to change the way they deal with their customers. I am embarressed that I got sucked into this

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Dear Anonymous,

We are very sorry to hear that our product did not provide the results you were expecting. We have many thousands of loyal customers and thousands of positive testimonials reflecting positive results.

We can assure you that our company is not a scam and we are very proud of our product. Processing millions of transactions per year, we try not to let any get by us, so we apologize that your refund was not provided. We have a dedicated contact to help with the transactions that do get missed regardless of our efforts.

Please contact us directly at with your order information, phone number or address used on the order and we would be happy to help with this. Thank you.


Omega XL is an expensive product to take but it DOES & HAS WORKED for me. I just turned early 50s and have been experiencing sudden shoulder and heel pains in the last few years. Omega works the BEST so far. I've seen prompt results within 24 hours and even though I intend to find a cheaper product, I know I can fall back on this one if all else fails. I guess the only other thing I'll say is that I believe we are what we eat and when eating mostly whole foods (fresh & raw) is part of one's diet, there is less chance of ailments/diseases forming in our bodies. I look forward to posting on here once I successfully achieve self-healing simply because of healthy eating (no more bodily pains and discomforts), all the while commending Omega XL for helping me along the way! Thanks OXL:)
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I'm just going to be honest with you. What you experienced is a placebo effect.

No fish oil or "algae compound" as it might be, are going to have any effect on your body in 24 hours.

Ever. 30 days is the soonest you would see any changes. OmegaXL is a product that contains VERY small amount of EPA and DHA that you get from fish oils. Those are the effective ingredients that have been shown to lower inflammation and help fight off high triglycerides, and even high cholesterol with some products.

OmegaXL is a scam. They are grossly overcharging for a bad product with good marketing.

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Van Nuys, California
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Dear Anonymous:

We are sorry to learn that Omega XL has not worked for you after 3 months and the personal difficulties that you are currently experiencing in your life. Please contact us at and we will evaluate how to continue to make Omega XL available to you. Many of our customers need to increase the number of capsules used per day and/or experience a longer period of time before feeling the benefits of Omega XL. Our customer advocacy representative will be happy to assist you. Thank you. Great HealthWorks
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I have been using OmegaXL for more than three (3) months and my right knee does not feel any better. Also, I have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

I walk with a walker. My walking is not straight, I am in constant pain all over my body. I have headaches. I am applying for disability retirement and applying for a scooter.

So I will no longer be working. Funds are low. Paying for OmegaXL is running into my rent. I have to cancel my order for OmegaXL.

I apologize but it is not working for me. Thank you for your cooperation.

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As you have chosen to remain anonymous, we are unable to review the details of your account and offer to address your concerns. We recommend contacting the service professionals in our Customer Advocacy Group at 1-800-607-0419 or via email at
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this has to be the worst company i have ever dealt with


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Great HealthWorks has reviewed this post. We are an A rated company with the Southeast Better Business Bureau and a gold sponsor member.

We have been in operations for over 8 years and are proud of our customer record and satisfaction. Thousands of people have experienced the benefits of Omega XL and demand for our product continues to grow. As a large and growing company processing millions of transactions in a year, we are not perfect. Our refund policy is very simple… We maintain an unconditional 90 day money back guarantee from your initial order date of Omega XL.

Simply call within the first 90 days and we will credit your account for a refund.

We maintain a customer advocacy department to handle those situations where we may have dropped the ball with a customer. If you have not yet adequately resolved your situation with our customer service department, please email us at with your contact information and we will be sure to follow up on your situation.

Good product!!

I was in a bike wreck. I did not notice a difference in the artritis where I had breaks. What was significantly!!! improved was the range of motion on my knee where I had tendon repair on leg by my knee. It was like someone oiled the joint. I noticed it only toward the end when I increased the dose to four a day as recommended. It is expensive, but it is the only one that worked. I also tried flexicin?? from the internet and noticed Ino improvement at all. I am disappointed at finding that so many have had problems with the company as I found it on Trinity Broadcast Network.
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Oh my, well where do I start. Probably at the end. Most knee injuries resolve on their own with little additional effort on the patient's part. Arthritis is an inflammation or irritation of a joint so technically your joints experience transient traumatic arthritis. Unless the fracture (ought not use non-specific words like break) is in the bone(s) of the joint you do not get arthritis along the shaft of a bone. Although as all things heal with an inflammation process it is often in overdrive when under the speed limit cruse control would be more effective. Anti-inflammatories temper the process and lessen the congestion and extracellular and interstitial edema allowing more normal transport (osmolarity and others) of getting the bad out and the good in. Your success may be due to other influences. Pain avoiding movement and exercise go a long way to return function. The claim of good product seems to be too large a blanket that doesn't give you credit for being a careful diligent patient who pays attention to their body's signals. In any event, the best anti-inflammatory only allows you to do the work of healing. Throwing a pill at someone's knee is not going to get the knee better. It is the movement, guarded use, and exercise that create the therapeutic chain of events that lead to regaining ROM, strength and function. Lessening an out of control inflammation process is important to allow you to engage in the return to function. I am sure you did some exercise to get better. Even if you only did your normal daily activities once the inflammation process is tempered this movement and pumping of circulation will start the healing process better than being stagnant with 100 pills. You got yourself better.Good luck

"The rapist"

....I mean therapist. Professor Sports & Orthopedic Physical Therapy

If Anon wants to chat I may be contacted.

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Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Omega XL's reply to:

I purchased a bottle of Omega 3 by Life's Abundance

We are not “Life’s Abundance” and the product you are referring to is not ours. Omega XL has hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers who continue purchasing it on a monthly basis. They have sent thousands of testimonials to both the quality of our product and our customer service.
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I purchased a bottle of omega 3's by Life's is suppose to be of the highest quality...I use plastic cups.... and rinse them out and reuse them...I poured water into the cup after I had used it for these omega 3'a and to my big surprise...water went every where.

I looked in the bottom of the cup and there was a big hole where these omega 3 had eaten away the cup!!! I tried it 2 more times...with new cups just to be sure...I was so surprised! Can you believe it? This is what I put in my body????

What type of chemical is this...the only other chemical was a "tangerine flavor" and did not elaborate.....Buyer beware!!!


think about it...that's fast if i eat fish i'll be like that think about it. our stomachs are so strong we can withhold many acid based products.

lining after lining. so a little fish pill isn't anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am a disabled war veteran. My service of 25 years started in Lybia and ended in Afganistan.

My war scars are many. I have tried everything and the only thing, The ONLY THING that works because its 10 times more absorbable than anything on the market is Melaleuca products.

My doctor is excited because one of my probe, b-12 which I took shots for is no longer a problem. For further information contact me Cell - 480440**** or rdillon4@***.net


Actually if ur foam cup disintegrated than thats a good thing because in your body thats how quickly igs working. Its burning the fat in your arteries fast.

So if it didnt burn through the cup than it would mean that it is very slow for it to work in ur body. Foam cups have petroleum jelly so the omega is burning that petoleum from the cup. I use and sell herbalife and our omega is jist as strong.

I have my testimony. This must be good too.


Tangerine oil (natural) will eat thru plastic and styrofoam, it doesn't have to be a chemical to do that . I know nothing about omegaxl, but know something about essential oils


I have later found the not know if it is correct....what do you think? here is their answer:Does Your Fish Oil Eat Through Plastic?

Do you take a fish oil supplement? Here’s a quick way to test fish oil quality:

Get a styrofoam egg carton. Cut out one of the styrofoam egg cups. Set it open side up (like a little bowl) inside a clear glass. The glass must be made of glass, not plastic, for this to work.

Put a small amount of fish oil in the egg cup. You can either pour in a small amount of liquid or break open a capsule and pour the fish oil into the egg cup.

Then wait. Over the next 15 minutes, you will see one of three things:

1. Nothing will happen. The oil will just sit there in the egg cup.

2. A little bit of bubbling and oozing will happen. A small amount of the oil will ooze through the styrofoam, and you’ll see it in a little pool or smudge on the bottom of the glass.

3. All or most of the fish oil will permeate through the styrofoam and collect in the bottom of the glass. A small amount of residue may be left in the egg cup.

Okay, so what does this mean?

1. If nothing happens, then the fish oil is not ultra-refined. In other words, the molecules in the fish oil are larger than they are in ultra-refined oils. The larger molecules mean that your body will do less well at absorbing and getting benefits from this fish oil. Less refined oils may also look cloudy, because they contain other fatty acids that are basically useless. This is an inferior grade of fish oil.

2. If a little bit happens, then the oil is moderately refined. Again, it contains many molecules that are fairly large, so it won’t be absorbed by the body as well as it could be.

3. If all or most of the oil permeates the styrofoam, it is ultra-refined fish oil. A small amount of residue left in the egg cup is probably an antioxidant added to the oil, such as sesamin. Sesamin, which is derived from sesame seeds, is an excellent addition to fish oil.

Ultra-refined fish oil is very different from typical fish oils. Technically speaking, ultra-refined fish oil is a concentrate of fatty acid ethyl esters. By comparison, typical fish oils are fatty acids assembled on a triglyceride backbone. The fish oil molecules change from the triglyceride compound to the ethyl esters because toxic contaminants that are found in all fish oils are removed during the ultra-refining process. The complex refining process also significantly increases the concentration of the long-chain omega-3 fatty acids, and that’s a good thing.

There are other noticeable differences between ultra-refined fish oil and typical fish oil. First, ultra-refined fish oil flows like water; typical oil doesn’t. The increased flow of the ultra-refined fish oil improves the incorporation of the oil into the cell membranes that line the intestines.

Typical fish oils must be broken down by various enzymes before the fatty acids can be absorbed, and this can be an inefficient metabolic process in many people. On the other hand, ultra-refined fish oil can penetrate porous surfaces such as plastic, just like it enters into cell membranes. That’s why the ultra-refined oil will permeate the egg carton material.

This means you must be careful when ultra-refined fish oil comes into contact with any porous surface such as plastic or natural stone. Prolonged contact can actually penetrate the surface and cause staining. Some people mistakenly say that the fish oil is “eating through” the plastic. That’s wrong. It’s that the ultra-refined molecules are tiny enough to pass through the relatively porous material.

The Life’s Abundance fish oil products that we represent, SeaLogix Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oils, are ultra-refined oils. The gel capsules include sesamin, an important antioxidant. Also, the gel capsules are a good choice for anyone who wants an especially easy-to-swallow version of the oil. Because of the ultra-refinement, SeaLogix has no fish taste at all.

For more information on these SeaLogix Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil products, click here.

PawPrintsLife Blog

Thursday, October 21, 2010


This is a great post and informative. If you read any of the books about the new generation of fish oils, you will understand why the contents of this post are true.

Read some of the books written by Dr.

Barry Sears to learn more about the new generation of fish oils. I wouldn't go a day without taking a highly refined fish oil.

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What a joke.

As you have chosen to remain anonymous, we are unable to review the details of your account and offer to address your concerns. We recommend contacting the service professionals in our Customer Advocacy Group at 1-800-607-0419 or via email at
#257945 Review #257945 is a subjective opinion of poster.

This is a big waste of money. Ken Mears has been selling snake oil his entire life.

I took this junk for three months just to be fair and give it time to kick in.

Nothing changed. Before you buy this junk you should check *** ***** background. You should also look into the history of the Doctors that back this junk and how much the Doctors make on this junk. Please people do not put more money in the hands of these scammers.

Meats is famous for his get rich quick games. I am sure he is looking for his next scam when this one is shut down.


I know someone who walked at snails pace on mornings and later on, she started using a cane as things got progressively worse and literally struggled to move. (I used to see her walk to work in front of my house almost every morning).

I used to say to myself... "poor Mary, she wont be able to walk just now".... what a sad thing to see. Lo and behold, it's been some months now and I did see her again.....

walking without cane and briskly too !!!..... I asked her what had happened and I was expecting to hear her say.. "a miracle from God"... or something like that!...

instead she said.. OMEGA XL did the trick for her.... she took 18 capsules per day for WEEKS and now she is down to six per day.....

seems like it worked for her.... i personally never used it.....


Another Preacher for Profit ... when are people going to wise up and start reading the word of God and standing against False Teachers like Dorothy Spaulding and her corrupt "36 Club" ...

The only thing you need is Jesus Christ ... She should be giving bibles away not selling pills ... Did your hear what Mears says? "This is the safest pill you can take" what a JOKE!!

what he is really saying is buy this junk and I'll get richer....These corrupt, greedy, deceitful players will one day be ceased ! God doesn't need a pill He is mighty and sovereign and is the only one who can save you....listen closely to the careful words of manipulation they use...These FAKE TV EVANGELIST should be outlawed!!!


With fish oils, you do get the Omega-3 s that you need but you also run the chance of gtinteg any of the bad things the fish have in their flesh, such as mercury, pesticides, etc.I would recommend Flax Seed Oil, you not only get your Omega-3 s, but also your Omega-6 s and Omega-9 s in the correct ratio.I use on from Barlean's which is all organic and after doing research has the best source of what you are looking for and in the correct ratios.


Omega-3 fatty acids are excellent for heatlh and lubricate the skin from the inside out. Many heatlh experts are advising against using oils that are high in omega 6s because they believe that the imbalance of omega 3s to omega 6s increases the risks of getting chronic illnesses like cancer, heart disease and several others.

They recommend that the best way to stay balanced with omega-3s and omega 6s is to get omega-6s from whole foods like nuts and seeds and to get omega-3 from fish (in moderation) and fish oil. Other foods like walnuts and flax seeds also contain omega 3s but are not quite the same as the omega-3s in fish and fish oil. Health advocates are recommending avoiding the use of omega 6 oils such as sunflower oil, soybean oil, and several others.

I've learned that the 3 major steps to get clear skin from the inside are: Detoxification (especially the liver and colon), Super Food Nutrition (raw super foods and raw fats like avocados, coconut oil, fish oil, olive oil), and Hydration (water, juicing, raw fruits, and drinking aloe vera gel/juice). Hydration and raw oils will clear your skin and moisturize it from the inside out.


thank you for these reviews especially 10 written by John he has a good point. I am always enthralled by these vitamin offers and some are very good but one must really research for the bst. thank you for saving me money and staying with the omegas i am currently using we all have to find another source because the sea cannot sustain human demand for fish oils and benefits use birth control and get sterilized 7 billion on the planet :roll


I am mentally ill, omega helps me


I have been taking these pills for 6 months and I still have to take an advil or tylenol or I'm in tears with pain. I called and they told me to keep taking them, that was 3 moths ago.

I am going to cancel this and try to inform everyone not to spend their hard earned money. :cry


Well, it sounds you need further help. You didn't state what kind of pain you have, but perhaps you should see a good chiropractor to start with.

They can really help.

Omegas reduce inflammation, but if you continue to have pain it sounds there are issues that aren't yet resolved.


The Omega XL really works just as it states, all the ingredents are very essential for the human body,to take every day! Those tiny pills are a miracle and a God sent remedy to the world. Some people are too irrogant to reconize it.


Well, I just wanted to write a couple of things. First, let me say that I have never taken this product, but have some observations to make based on my knowledge of omega 3's, pain and advertising.

Any omega 3 fatty acids will have anti-inflammatory properties. You can take fish oil, eat olives, have dark chocolate, or eat nuts, and the inflammation factors go down. This is probably a legitimate effect of this product, and it is also likely that the effect varies with the type of inflammation, the amount and type of omega 3's an individual incorporates into his or her routine, and the individual's general state of health.

But, the infomercial appears to be a really hard sell, and I have to question the "protein removal" process that makes this product safe for those with shellfish allergies. I am betting this is partially or primarily regular or concentrated fish oil, though I can really only speculate because it would be unethical to test it on my human friends that do have this allergy.

On the site, they refer to it as a fish oil complex; they are probably legally required to do so if it is fish oil. After all, Krill oil is made from krill, and does not have to be labeled as fish oil.

I believe that this is probably just as good as most of the other vitamin products available in this country. The price is one problem, being pretty exorbitant. Another problem is the claims some people are making. This would be an anti inflammatory, and not an analgesic. It is going to possibly reduce swelling and aches that result from that, but it is not going to cure every and all kinds of pains.

Fish oil or krill oil is probably just as effective as this would be, though I can't say for sure. If the price ever drops to a reasonable amount, I might actually give it a try.

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It is expensive but it did cure my arthritis and for that I am eternally grateful --

It is expensive and for many people it may be too expensive to continue to take, and maybe what you say is true but all I know is I used to have to go to the arthritis doctor every 5 months for injections in my knuckles because they would lock up and it was soooo very painful. I kept praying for a miracle and one night when I was praying, I turned on TV to a christian station and saw they talking about this product so I tried it. All I can say is thank you God, I haven't been back to the arthritis doctor in 2 1/2 years. I am telling you guys the truth. I never tried salmon oil because I cannot swallow large pills, these are easy to swallow for me so I am very grateful.
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I am from INDIA and after seeing Lary King discussing the product I called there customer care and asked for its price the person who answered the phone wanted to know my name and location instead of telling the price I refused to tell and he refused to say the price which is on the website.He said have a nice day and hang up.Is this the way it is in USA? :grin :p


Hi everyone! I've been using the Omega XL for 3 months.

I've been having constant pain for over 30 years due to several ailments but since the use of the Omega XL the pain has lessened. It is expensive but it is worth it. You must continue to use it for the best results.

If you have a lot of pain it may take longer to take affect but gradually you will see results. I thank God for Omega XL which I first saw on the Word (Christian) network.


If it is so great like you state then why aren't all of us that have these problems cured by this Omega XL? And if it cured me, I would put my name and phone number so people could call me and I could be honest!

Come on, right now there is NO cure for RA, but eating right, exercise and taking vitamines, deleting stress, swimming, etc.

I've had it since 1993 and have done all of the above because I had juvenille RA and 10 yrs ago, I am not 10 x's worse, so I do not believe in anything put prayer. Stephanie Taylor


If it was so good then why are you anonymous? I'm not sold on any of this junk or words.

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Columbus, Ohio
Omega Xl Pills
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Omaga XL the biggest rip off ever

We have no record of a customer with your name. As a result, it is impossible for us to review your transactions with Great HealthWorks. Should you wish to discuss your issue with us we recommend contacting the service professionals in our Customer Advocacy Group at 1-800-488-8082, or via email at
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Omaga XL advertizes on TV about how great a product it is. It isn't!

It is suppose to fight inflamation but I developed tendonitis while on the drug for over 3 months. It has no effect at all on inflamation of the joints or tendons or any other area of the body. I do believe in taking omega 3 supplements but not Omega XL. It cost way to much and offer no benefit that a much cheaper product would give you.

I tried to get my money back but they say that since I waited past the 90 days that I could not get it back. Save your money and stay away from Omega XL.

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Total Ripoff

As stated in our advertising, Omega XL is manufactured from the oil of the green lipped mussel, Perna canaliculus, aqua cultured in the pristine waters of New Zealand. We do not state that we use fish oil. As the reviewer has chosen to remain anonymous we are unable to ascertain the basis for his dissatisfaction. If he would like to address his concerns, he is welcome to call our Customer Advocacy Group at 1-800-607-0419 or via email at
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I called to try and find out what else is in the Omega XL. On the ccompany's little add posted above the complaints, they actually say this is FISH OIL.

Meanwhile they advertise that it is NOT fish oil but some "green lipped muscle" oil from New Zealand!

They are BUSTED! plain ole fish oil that you can get wAy cheaper and with non of this auto ship *** they try to force you into or else you pay more money.

I plan on telling eveyone i know not to buy this product and the few who do to save their money.


The product DOES in fact works. If the price would be affordable for most people in need I believe more people would try it.

It's less than most medications but I believe it could be even less. Just remember, all things are not for all people!


I am fairly certain the product is okay, my sister, her husband and one of my brothers uses it and they find it very helpful with inflammation, etc. My brother was not able to get up and down out of a semi like he use to, no can with the help of this product.


I noticed after reading these comments that the only people that complained or had something negative to say about this product were people who did not try it. I came on here because I wanted to read the comments before I tried this product.

I'm on disability and I only get 450 dollars a month. 1 of the comments talkd about Christians pushing products...nothin wrong w christians tryn 2 help peep. Anothr guy said IF the product works, hes not goin 2 giv testimonial bout it in churh...why not? If it helps u, y wudnt u spread the word (that u were blessed enuf 2 even find this product in the1st place btw) to help others?

Made Absolutely no sense at all. Why look at it like you're pushing something at church... Who cares. The point is, the Lord blessed you and it helped.

WAY Too much negativity. I needed a lil advice from people who actually tried this product. To the people who did try this product, and left their comments thank you!! :) I dont wanna sound loud or abrupt, I really say these things respectfully, to some of the people that wrote these comments.

It's just so hard... I guess I'm just so frustrated with my health and my headaches. I suffer with severe chronic headaches for 23 years and I only turned 30 in April. Unfortunately my insurance only covers in state, and what I really need is to be able to go outside of Nevada and see some really good doctors in California or somewhere wher they will be e able to help me.

I cant work bc of these debilitating headaches, and I no longer hav the money to go out of state. My grandmother tried to help me by purchasing private insurance, and that was a lot of fun! Pre existing condition they say... insurance companies always finding loopholes after you have already bought the insurance after they already said they were going to pay for your bills, to make u pay the bill.

Then the rest of the other insurance companies like I said just wouldn't take me because of my pre existing problem. Thankfully I at least have Medicaid...but unfortunately that only covers in my own state, and like I said, I've seen every doctor you can think of Nevada including holistic medicine and homeopathic medicine. I was really hoping that maybe a doctor would take me pro bono, but I just don't know if that's going to happen or who's willing to do that. I have to have faith that the Lord will come through for me and find the resources.

just the fact that I can even say that, that I even have hope again is a miracle within itself, bc for a long time I gave up hope, and I was actually going to just give up on my life, sad as that sounds, because I jus couldn't handle the pain. But yhe Lord gave me hope again. I wrote to the Mayo Clinic to take me on like sort of a charity case, but that didn't happen. there is a headache clinic in Chicago that supposed to be really good that I would love to go to but can't afford.

Nobody nor anything has been able to help me...

I'm trusting in the Lord that somehow someway I will be delivered from these headaches...and I know the Lord has thee answer on the way. If there is anybody out there that has any information or anyone that could help me I would really appreciate it thank you and God bless :)


Drink lots of water as that helps headaches when your body is properly hydrated. Drink half your body weight in water.

There is a great book on Amazon which shows you very simple moves to "live your life pain free -- Intergrative Positional Therapy". He has helped people in pain (even tension headaches), pain that they 'be battled with for decades, which no one else could help them with.

The author is Lee Albert.

He helped me in two minutes, with sciatica pain that I had for over a year, and several physiotherapists, chiropractors, massage therapists and even an acupuncturist could not help me with.


*Drink half your body weight in ounces *


Continue to trust in Jesus. Dont give up your faith.

He is a healer of all things. Stay in the word of God always.


I can not understand all the negatives about omega xl. I have been using it, and have suffered with pain since i was 16 from a car accident.

I take it and i have had really wonderful results with it..

Like one writer said if you have not tried it how can you bash it... ME IM IN ON IT


Well no *** your in on it. Someone has to plug this *** product so people hopefully wont read more than a few of the comments and decide to buy it.

There is no such thing as a company or corporation who wants to help people. There mission is simple. Making money. There are organizations that help people.

They are called charities.

They don't charge people for the things that are beneficial to their well being. If this product is so beneficial for people explain to me why the only time its on tv is 5am when everyone but elderly people are asleep?


I agree the only reason to be in business is to make money. Sure there are things that will help people or make life easier.

but, at the end of the day, if you're going to be in business you better make money or you're not in business. If I'll make it XO interested in helping people, then they should reduce the price so the people who cannot afford this product can benefit from it.


It is on TV now here in Delaware. The time is 0958 hours.

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