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What a scam!

It is unfortunate that you have chosen to deny yourself the inflammation relieving benefits of our product on the strength of anonymous internet postings and your own “theoretical” musings.
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Is "Larry KIng" that much of a sell out?, total joke!

I used to live in NZ and I talked to all my mate's "Down Under", they all told me the same thing!, dont buy it!, these overseas companies get extremely rich over lack of knowledge of the American consumer!, alway's do research 1st and never go for that auto ship nonsense!, what a joke!, shame on you!, you guy's are bad actor's out for a quick payday!, they want 100 word's ok!, so here's more if you believe this will have a profound difference regaurding your health!, you are sorely mistaken!

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glad i read the reviews was going to buy the product

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Omega Xl Order Review from Hollywood, Florida

Omega XL - I am a pissed consumer that I did not find out about Omega XL sooner. ******* & ********** of Omega XL have been around for years but I just started taking the product 6 weeks ago. I am a pissed consumer that I did not find out about this sooner. I am going to take it for 90 days but must say that I already notice a significant difference after only 6 weeks. I am glad that ******** ****** & ******* ******** are not conceling the source. I am pissed that Omega XL has been around so long and I just found out about it now!
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Yes, this is helpful. Such a fake response.

Companies like this are far too common, won't cancel your card if you order something. That's why I only use PayPal to pay for things online. If they won't take PayPal, that tells me right away they are not a legitimate company.

If they were, they wouldn't be afraid to use it. Don't take any other reason than that!!

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Hollywood, Florida
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Omega XL Ken Meares Personal Experience

Ken Meares, I had the pleasure to meet him personally and just wanted to simply comment on the character of Ken Meares. Ken personally spent over an hour with me and I must say that if someone is talking negatively about Ken Mears it is simply slander. If you heard negative things about him and his companies, I would venture to say that it is his competetitors out there trying to trash a man that has done ground breaking things in his career. I have met with CEO's of major companies and I assure you that Ken Mears is in a league of his own. I only took the time to say this because as I was on the internet and saw someone who was trashing him and I truly feel like he is above responding to nonsense but I thought I should express my personal feelings about Ken Meares.
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What a good Mother u are!!! I'd lie for my son too!


Ken Mears is spammer. Period.


Nobody cares about HIM, they care about the product they are spending their hard earned money on!

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Fort Lauderdale, Florida
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Very Pissed Consumer

As you have chosen to remain anonymous, we are unable to review your account and offer to address your concerns. We recommend contacting the service professionals in our Customer Advocacy Group at 1-800-607-0419 or via email at
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Omega Xl Pills
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I ordered the product with high hopes for anti inflammatory benefits after seeing their 2 for 1 offer on tv. Nearing my 90 day trial, I saw my doctor for routine bloodwork and was disappointed that my bloodwork showed same, even worse numbers and I never really felt any different than before using the product.

The price also went up even on auto-ship, from $49 to $63 with shipping. I tried calling to cancel right at the 90 day deadling, which fell on a Saturday and got a voicemail stating after business hours so I called Monday and was told it's too late for refund even by a day or two- I've been ripped off by at least $200 including shipping.

I'm angry and now very interested in a lawsuit. Class Action Lawsuit should be filed here.- BB, TX

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I went for the commercial and ordered the product almost 90 days agao. I started using 4 a day and after a month did not notice improvement but rather the opposite. I called Omega and the lady told me to take more and charged me another $63.00 for another shipment

:? . I sent the whole thing back with a bad review note and am still waiting on my refund. Anyway, I went back to taking my regular omegas and fish oils and vitamins and I am feeling good finally again. I just called and they told me I am getting my credit of $43.00 for my first shipment when I paid $48.95 plus shipping but was told I don't get shipping credited and for me to wait and call back for my other refund! That is a bunch of crock and hassle no one should have to deal with. I think it's a scam!

Confused and Frustrated :?

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They force you to pay for auto refill

As you have chosen to remain anonymous, we are unable to review your account and offer to address your concerns. We recommend contacting the service professionals in our Customer Advocacy Group at 1-800-607-0419 or via email at
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I called to order 2 bottles and made it extremely clear that I did not want to be put on an auto refill plan, i wanted to try it first. We talked about it for a long time because they pressure you to be on auto refill, and i was clear that i did not want that. guess what, a bottle came today for a full price plus hefty shipping and they are balking at a refund, and say they won't refund shipping under any circumstances.

The product didn't really work for me and so why would i want to continue to order it?


it sounds like this is a scam


I have a solution for those who wants to cancel and Omega xl does not want to cancel. Just call your credit card to issue you a new card and cancel your old card. Then omega xl will send you another bottle but your new credit card number will not pay the scamers.


I really cannot agree with you "Pissed Off Customer" I really Believe that you must have not suffered any pain at all before taking it. And that you must be young and just want to complain and disclaim the truth.

Because it is nothing to you to be FREE from Pain so bad that you just can't stand another hour or day with itany longer. Such as I had. I only started on 4 in the morning & 2 in the evening for about(4) days to start. And 2 a day there after.

Several weeks go by before I can feel the agony of pain on the Brink of returning.. and I take 2 or 3 once a day and I am like NEW!! This is a Perfect Miracle Food.. and I am very Thankful for it.

You are Pissed because you just want attention. I AM THANKFUL!!


No im not them one whole just want try so attention, I have not tryed them product yet , I sounds Like Gold one to try , supost to good for your Heart . And energy ya I wantage try this product, 8)

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Make me wait 4 to 8 weeks for refund

Reviewing your account we find that your refund was issued within 2 weeks of your call. Should you wish to discuss your experience with us we recommend contacting the service professionals in our Customer Advocacy Group at 1-800-607-0419 or via email at
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i ordered product They put me on autoship. I didn't have money for second month so I sent product back.They called just now two weeks later and said they just received the product and it would take 4 to 8 weeks from now for my refund.

This scam company won't last. I don't care how good their product is. You treat customers like this and you won't last.

Don't buy from them.Customer Service rep was also rude when I spoke to her.I don't know why this company thinks they will do long term business with someone The way they treat people. Its a scam.


Thats a very good observation there manny! For that comment i dont care if you work for the company or not.

Its true she doesnt say about quality or possitive/negative results which are more important to me as im devating if i should buy this stuff hence going through the complaints. If indeed you work for the company i only saw you responding how to get a fast refund and not praising the product itself.

Whats really sad is ppl posting/responding unnecessary *** instead of more important thingd, now thats sad! Now on to find useful reviews to see if this stuff works or not...


Regarding omega xl, the complaints appear to be based on billing not the product itself. That's not very useful.

1 claims they didn't have the money, however the refills we shipped and it took so long to get a refund. If you didn't have the money, how did they ship it anyway, and now you want a refund? So you had money, you just didn't want the refill. Why doesn't anyone contact your credit card company and decline the charges?

That the easiest and fastest way. My credit card company gave me 100% credit, including shipping.

I've never heard from omega xl again. Sounds like you're making it harder than it is.


So obvious that the responders to all the original comments work for the company. So sad.

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Pissed off customer

As you have chosen to remain anonymous, we are unable to review your account and offer to address your concerns. We recommend contacting the service professionals in our Customer Advocacy Group at 1-800-607-0419 or via email at
#408127 Review #408127 is a subjective opinion of poster.

I received the first order and decided I wanted to return the order for a full refund and was within the time frame that was stated at the bottem of the packing slip, I called only to get in a confrontation with customer service person. He said my refund would only be after the 90 day trial period, nowhere does it say you have to wait til after the 90 days to get a full retund, it says within the 90 days.

Thank God I sent the package back certified and with signature because when I called they said they had not gotten it until I told them I had a signature.

It has been 3 weeks and still haven't gotten refund. Pissed!

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You were very smart to send it back certified & signature requested! I googled this product after seeing an infomercial today and this was the first site that popped up. I'm sure glad I came here to read because I was going to order it for my mom, who has fibromyalgia.

Someone is on here suggesting people cancel their credit card & get a new one so this company can't charge the old card. NOT good advice, as they can send the uncollected bill(s) to a collection agency. :eek the thing to do is call your credit card company and dispute the charges. You should also write a letter to them & print out theses complaints to enclose with your letter. They will give you a case number and you must write that number on EVERY piece of paper & reference it in your letter. And send certified / signature request to the credit card company, too. When you can show a credit card company that the product you're disputing is a well documented scam, they will side with you 99% of the time. I had to teach my mom this (for a totally different company), but was able to get her $9,000 back. The credit card company removed the charges and gave her that much of a credit on her card. (In other words, they aren't going go send you a check.)

I highly suspect that many, if not most, of the "***" votes on reviews that are against this product are by employees (or compensated in some way people). The old adage that "If it sounds too good to be true it probably isn't!" certainly applies here, or doctors would have all patients over a certain age or with back pain on it already & this company wouldn't need to do infomercials.

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Placed order then changed my mind and canceled order

As you have chosen to remain anonymous, we are unable to review your account and offer to address your concerns. We recommend contacting the service professionals in our Customer Advocacy Group at 1-800-607-0419 or via email at
#402801 Review #402801 is a subjective opinion of poster.

I ordered this product. Spoke to a rep and she was so concern about my injury and how this product can help with my pain.

She stated that she can give me a much better deal, but she will need to instant message her supervisor for approval. She said instead of charging me 49.95 I will be charged 39.95. And that I can cancel anytime with no questions asked. I was convinced.

After thinking about it I went on the internet and seen some really disappointing reviews. I called back and canceled it. I was told by the rep that my order was canceled.

I called my bank to insure that they do not charge my card. To find out that they did charge my card and shipped without my approval.


Won't issue refund as promised, except for last bottle if you fight for it. Stuff doesn't work either. Wasted over $100.


Thank you everyone I came very close to ordering because of Larry King


Thank God and everyone,for all the comments. I will not be spending my money on omegaXL. Thank you for the warning.


do a charge back at your bank. then block them from charging again at the bank.

this makes this an easy fix. then next time before you buy look the seller up like im doing now and this will help you to stay away from your bank having to do chargebacks. also assume all infomercials to be bad until you learn otherwise.

thanks for informing me of your experience you are saving me from fighting with them. :)

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Very unhappy customer

As you have chosen to remain anonymous, we are unable to review your account and offer to address your concerns. We recommend contacting the service professionals in our Customer Advocacy Group at 1-800-607-0419 or via email at
#399377 Review #399377 is a subjective opinion of poster.

I tried the product, was not pleased, canceled the autoshipment. Only to get another shipment 2 months later-overdrafting my account.NOT HAPPY!

calling to send it back, they told me they would not give me my money back.NOT HAPPY! The lady on the phone wanted to argue with me instead.NOT GOOD PUBLIC RELATIONS!Now I'm stuck with a product I'm not pleased with when they guaranteed a money back guarantee.NOT HAPPY!!!!All I wanted to do was cancel my autoshipment and send back what I DID NOT order.I will not recommend a company that won't stand behind their advertisements.Especially at the cost they charge.

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Please, everyone go one step farther and report this company to the Better Business Bureau in your State, stating your complaint. You can do this online. They should be stopped from their underhanded ways.

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Omega Xl by GreatHealth Works Ken Meares,Miles Dupree,Christina Palmer,Angel Garcia

The studies offered to support our product claims are open to the public, as are the thousands of testimonials from customers who have enjoyed the anti-inflammatory benefits of Omega XL.
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GreatHealth works is a manufacture and distributor based in Hollywood,Fl of a a product called Omega Xl a product that they make repeat false claims that it helps with arthitits,joint paint,good circulation and heart health and helps with all types of illnesses and just about any other condition you could think of.This product does not work,there are no conclusive studies that prove that these claims are real,This company preys on the sick and elderly with lies and fake hopes they point out the research that has been done on Omega 3s in general these studies where done on regular Omega 3s not the formula in Omega Xl and in those studies it was supportive never conclusive. and the last study was done in 1992 pretty strange for a product like Omega Xl that only came out a few years ago,The company to sell its *** game hires Drs and other actors an even some celebrities to sell you the dream there all heavily compensated actors to sell you that this is going to help with your health conditions lies,lies and more lies.Then they try to point out that they have all these testamonials of happy customers Fact most if not all are testamonials of people that are taking this product with real medication and what there are feeling is really relief from there medication these people are not taking the Omega Xl by it self this company has no proof of anything or any studies and our a bunch of lies and cheats,The only thing i would say is really true as i took the product and spoke with many customers that did there all natural product despite Great HealthWorks denial has serious allergic reactions on alot of people Rash,Hives,swelling of the throat ,chest paints,headaches and the list goes on,They will sell you this product and without notice or consent charge your credit card automaticly every month and keep sending you this product that has had no real studies on, Say No to Omega Xl i worked there and saw first hand how customers are treated when you call the informercial you are really calling a independent virtual contracter that is not even an employee of there company some teenager siting home lieing away for this company and most of the time will never disclose that you are being enrolled in an Autoship program stay clear away from Omega Xl by aGreatHealthworks its just a company of cons and cheats now i know a bunch of company phonies are probably gonna rebuttal this but it dosent mean anything coming from a real product development background it only means something when you have real science and studies behind it like a conclusive study from an independent university that proves real science and facts not a bunch of false claims and *** men preying on the sick and elderly.....If you you have been affected by this product in a bad way please contact your local attorney for advise and file a complaint with the FTC federal trade commision and the department of business regulation

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Cancelled before shipment

Reviewing our records we find that your refund was issued within 72 hours of your call. Contrary to popular misconception, when a merchant charges your credit card it takes 48 to 72 hours for the merchant to actually receive their funds from the credit institution.
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Omega Xl Customer Care
New Reviewer

I ordered this right after having Gastric Bypass surgery, I was in a lot of pain, so I ordered. As the days went on I started feeling better so I called in and cancelled and was assured that they would take care, but to my surprise when I called on March 4th 2013, I was told by April that there was no cancellation on my account, they took my money and caused me to have overdraft and that money was for my cell phone.

My cell phone got cut off and I am still waiting for refund. They said 72hrs. and I am still waiting,this really sucks. I am on fixed income and they are messing me up.

today is 72hrs, I keep checking bank and the money has not been put back, they also sent product that I immediately sent it back. But I am made cause it didn't take them 72hrs. to take my money.

This is why I don't order online products, customer service sucks and they lie, but I recorded the call and I am trying to get them on the phone and they have long wait times. Where is my money?


Do Not Trust Omega Xl or any other infomercial without checking for complaints online. And make sure to cancel any card you have so they can't charge you again.


After seeing a clip about this product with Larry King, I was eager to place an order. Luckily, I decided to read some of its reviews.

WOW! Glad I did.

Thanks for all of your comments. You saved me time, money, and heartache.

Daytona Beach,Florida

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As you have not included your name, we are unable to look into your files or offer any assistance. If you wish to discuss your concerns, please contact out Customer Advocacy Group at 1-800-607-0419, or via email at
#389359 Review #389359 is a subjective opinion of poster.
New Reviewer

At first I was more than happy with the product. I had gone from barely walking more than a few feet without pain to putting away my cane.

I even refused the second surgery on my back; and didn't need another injection in my spine (Which is a series of 3-injections). The swelling in my knee from a bad knee surgery was so much better as I could actually get my knee bent far enough to tie my own shoes, which I hadn't been able to do for over a year.My arthritis was finally bareable and I was even considering trying to go back to work.My face swelled up to the point my eyes swelled close and my face and neck was so welped I was afraid to go around my grandchildren for fear of scaring them.Then all of a sudden...I broke out in an unbelievable rash that itched so badly that I was scratching myself raw. I had gone to my doctor and gotten an injection plus a topical ointment and a perscription with a warning to get to the hospital if it got any worse or it felt that my throat was closing up.(I had originally thought this was from hair dye).I had forgotten about taking the Omega XL while at the doctors office...but suddenly remembered it once I mentally started to go over everything that I was doing differently. At that point I stopped taking the Omega XL and within days the rash was disapearing and the itching was gone.Not wanting to think it was the Omega XL, because it had helped me be mobile again, so I started taking it again.

Within a week I was itching again and I was developing the rash all over again, this was not caused by Hair Dye as I have not used it again.

As of today, March 2nd, 2013, I have stopped taking the Omega XL and will not take it again. That being said I just recieved another shipment which is leaving me with 3 full bottles and a partial bottle of Omega XL.I have gone through Customer Services, sent an e-mail and plan to call them once their office opens again on Monday 03/04/2013 as I feel that I should be reimbursed, at a minimum, for this product (if not for my doctor's visit, medications, blood work and pain and suffering which is probably an additional $500.00 besides the cost of the Omega XL).


I've been taking it for a month and thought I was loosing my mind. Itching and feeling like bugs are biting me.

I was so paranoid I thought I had fleas. We'll since go ogling and finding this page, I'm not infested with fleas. It's the onega xl.

I'm stopping it. Took 1 months worth and that's enough!


I had the same thing happen to me. I am scratching my whole back raw


You have got to be kidding me!! And the news media is allowing this to be on tv....???? Not in my lifetime will I use omega xl and this will cast a shadow on all these rip offs on well as the the news media...NBC you are history


was going gung ho for this product. have had multiple surgery repairs lately, shoulder, carpal tunnel n wrist tendon reconstruction. couple of omega xl users recommended this miracle potion saying I would for sure benefit from this miracle remedy. been on many pain scripts, cortisone injections...etc. want off all these bad pain meds as docs write what ever I want, n need more n more for relief! BUT...? nothing but horror comments if not satisfied with product n getting support for returns n refunds. seems like another scam as they have your hard earned cash n won/t live up to their product guarantees. typical ways of running off potential customer with their bulling tactics not to let you out of your contract. enough said. not going to get involved with this company to refuse to meet customer satisfaction!!!!!!

bummed out as would like to give this a trial period for results.

if product would benefit me I'd buy the store...but poor results and product support for refunds totally cease my purchase...!

still lookn for that product to help with my pain issues..!

thank you


I agree...why get involved n really discusted with customer service over not being satisfied with this wonder remedy!


I agree with the other poster. It worked for you and helped...

But then your body became allergic to it. It's not the company's fault and is absurd to think you deserve to have your med bills reembursed because of the reaction. I do think you deserve a refund for the supply you just received if you return it to the company.

I am sorry to hear you had an allergic reaction, this happened to me with Diflucan. I can no longer take it after it working great for years.


people can become allergic to different things. i know someone who at seafood their whole life and then for some reason one day just swelled up like your picture.

so i would think thats what happened to you, because like you said you took it for a while and everything was fine. sorry to hear you finally found something to work and then this happened. i hope they give you a refund on your purchase, but to ask them to pay the dr? It's not their fault you developed an allergy to it.

thats not going to fly. I'm sure theres some kind of warning on the bottle to consult your dr or pharmacist before using


Just watched the infomercial. They CLAIM it is ALLERGY FREE because they remove the protein.

Thank you to everyone who has posted. You just saved me a lot of time, aggravation and money!!

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I am pissed

As you have not included your name, we are unable to look into your files or offer any assistance. If you wish to discuss your concerns, please contact our Customer Advocacy Group at 1-800-607-0419, or via email at
#387902 Review #387902 is a subjective opinion of poster.
New Reviewer

Omega XL is fraud i sign on to receive the product after a while i called them to cancel however omega xl refused they continue charging my account even after i cancelled and they did not send the product because i refuse given them my new address which they did not have in there file and still they refuse to refund back my money.They said they where going to review the matter and call me back. This company should not be taking people money forcefully. I you dont want the product they should take it back if they truly believe there product is good and they have a market for it.


You can call your credit card company and explain what happened and they will not pay to Omega XL until the dispute is resolved.


I read all of the unhappy customer accounts. The one woman who incurred the rash might have been allergic to fish and was taking a larger amount than recommended.

If you have a dispute with a vendor, you need to report this verbally and follow up with a written complaint to your credit card provider. The credit card provider will report that this vendor has charged your account without your permission and will give you credit, or if caught in time, will deny the charge. If the offense of the vendor continues, ask to have your card cancelled and another issued to you, or do that anyway.

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Omega XL's reply to:


We have no record of a customer of your name in your town. Might your order by under another name? We would like to help, but cannot until we can identify your account. If you wish to address your concerns, please contact our Customer Advocacy Group at 1-800-607-0419, or via email at
#386818 Review #386818 is a subjective opinion of poster.
New Reviewer

Omega XL has shaped up to be a colossal rip off! We (my Grandmother and I) purchased Omega XL last year (during a buy one get one free offer). Following that purchase we chose to continue to give Omega XL a try only to be EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED by the customer service we received.

The lack of consideration for the requests of their customers is absolutely disgraceful. After our second purchase of Omega XL pills; they charged my card and did NOT send the pills until we called and inquired about the transaction that was made to my account. At that time, we agreed to accept an order of pills shipped immediately as oppose to refunding the charge.

However, then the company saved my Banking information and CHARGED my card 2 TIMES without my authorization. When we called to inform them that we did not authorize any additional transactions, they argued with us, attempted to try to convince us that we authorized the transaction and refused to refund our money until we threatened to make their ATROCIOUS customer service and thievery known to the public and the local news! DON’T THEY UNDERSTAND THAT THEY ARE AFFECTNG PEOPLE LIVELYHOOD?

And even after they said they would put the money back on my card, they STILL did NOT do so. They simply over nighted the pills that they charged us for and we didn’t ask for.

NOW, TODAY they charged my account AGAIN FOR THE FOURTH TIME without my permission or authorization. This after we explicitly expressed previously NOT to charge my account again!

They keep having amnesia like they don’t know what they are doing!

Tremendously Disappointed.


For future reference, you can call :zzz your credit card/debit card company/bank and tell them not to accept any more charges from this company...or any company that you don't authorize to do so. Best wishes.


always call the credit card company or the bank. Let them deal with that

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Omega XL's reply to:

Im pissed

As you have chosen to remain anonymous, we are unable to review your account and offer to address your concerns. We recommend contacting the service professionals in our Customer Advocacy Group at 1-800-607-0419 or via email at We do wish to point out that we do not offer our product on a one month free trial basis. We offer a money back guarantee for the first 90 days after your order is placed.
#383367 Review #383367 is a subjective opinion of poster.

I seen advertisement on TV for free trial 2 for 1 health pain relief for chronic back ache and arthritis pain and ordered. Was suppose to be 1 month free trial but was billed once before month trial time was even up.

So I called them and cancelled and let them know i sent back product that day. I just received another supply and was billed the day i called to cancel and notified of first return.. So I called them again.

They then had audacity to tell me they have no record of my call and that's why i was billed again. NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!

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When this happens, call your credit card company, dispute the charges, and put a block against the scammers to prevent additional charges.